During Thursday’s State of Play broadcast, one of the highlights was a new trailer for the highly anticipated second part (of three) of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. In it, we learned that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will be released on PlayStation 5 on February 29th next year, but the version of the trailer that Square Enix uploaded to the official Final Fantasy account had an additional detail.

Final Fantasy Rebirth

The first part of the remake was announced as a timed exclusive for PlayStation for one year but took just over 1.5 years to arrive on PC as well. However, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is only timed exclusive to PlayStation for three months, as the trailer indicates that the exclusivity only extends until May 29th this time.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH – Release Date Announce Trailer

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will be released on PC by then, but it may be an indication that we won’t have to wait quite as long this time.

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