Mobile phones especially iPhones no longer just a device to use to send and receive messages or calls. It has way important purpose and use for the owner. You will be amazed how almost anything and everything can be done using your iPhone. You can save all your credit card details and bank information so you can easily pay your bills every month, you have your important files saved here including your address and other personal information. Thus, you should make sure to keep it safe all the time especially from hackers who can steal important details and cause damage from it.

In this article, we will share some guidelines how to protect your iPhones from hackers.

  • Do not jailbreak – one of the most important tips to protect your iPhone from hackers is to never jailbreak your phone. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you can access apps and software, even those that are not available in App store for free. Sounds fun? Not really. Most especially if you come across an app with virus and malware. So do not think that you are saving money by having your phone jailbroken. Just download apps from App store and pay for apps that you really need or want.
  • Turn On Find My iPhone – this app is very helpful to locate your device most especially if it is missing or you have misplaced it. Although the main reason why it is important to turn on this app is so you can delete your data remotely once your phone is missing or stolen.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID – this is Apple’s latest failsafe to keep your Apple ID secured. Once two-factor authentication is enabled, you will set a trusted device to log in to a new device. For example, your Apple ID is used to log in on a new iPad, it will send an alert to your iPhone to ask for permission. This way, you can easily monitor who uses your Apple ID.
  • Always update your iOS – always make sure to keep your iOS up to date. For every update introduced by Apple, they improve security features to protect your device from hackers.
  • Use longer passcode – are you guilty of using very simple passcode like your birth date or a very weak password like “0000”. Well, it’s time you change this habit. It is advisable to come up with longer passcode so hackers even someone you know will find it difficult to access your phone without your permission.
  • Disable Siri on lock screen – it is also recommendable to disable Siri on lock screen. This way, unauthorised user cannot get any information which Siri knows like your name, date of birth and other details.
  • Do not open suspicious links – lastly, you should be careful in opening links especially those sent by undisclosed recipient. These suspicious links can contain virus or malware that can be used to hack your phone. So be careful what you click.

Always keep your iPhone together with your files in it safe by following the tips that we discussed in this article. Identity theft is a serious issue that everyone should be wary about. Do not let hackers invade your mobile phone.

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