Using a VPN has become one of the most common things nowadays. No surprises there because VPNs offer a lot of convenience and, not to mention, security and protection online. By using a VPN, you can be sure that nobody can snoop on what you do online or extract any data from your computer. Both of these events can result in severe losses for you and your company, and most of all it is an invasion of your privacy. Using a VPN is also pretty simple. Many tutorials are available online to teach you the tips and tricks of using VPNs safely. Beginners can check out this tutorial by

How VPNs Work?

So now that we know why people use VPNs, let’s see how these VPNs actually work. Basically, a VPN is a software that you download to your computer. When you run the VPN, it allows you to log in from any server that forms part of its global network. So even though you may be sitting in the United States, you can choose a server in Switzerland to connect to the Internet. For all practical purposes, the Internet will believe that you are actually a different person browsing the Web from Switzerland. The VPN also shows a different ISP, which is a special address for each computing device. So, there is practically no way that anyone can detect your online activity, even if they want to.

This clearly has a lot of benefits. If you are an executive who travels a lot, you probably have a lot of confidential company data saved on your laptop or smartphone. When you use public Wi-Fi networks to connect with company headquarters or send official emails, any other person using the same Wi-Fi can hack into your system and get all the confidential data. Imagine the losses this could create for your company and your career. So VPNs are actually a pretty safe and convenient way to maximize your online security.

Here are some additional tips to ensure that you get the most out of your VPN connection.

  1. Define your purpose

This is the first thing you should do, even before deciding which VPN you want to use. As mentioned before, you can use a VPN for many different purposes. You may want to avoid government agencies spying on you, you may want additional security to prevent hacking and malware attacks. Or you might simply want to use online services not available in your country. Knowing what you want to use VPN for will help you choose the best one.

  1. Choosing the VPN

There are loads of VPN providers out there and most of them are quite competitive. But there are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

Do you want a free VPN or are you ready to pay for it?

There are both kinds and they work pretty well. But obviously when you pay for something you become entitled to better service and some sort of guaranteed security. If you simply want to browse restricted sites, then free VPN providers can do the job quite well.

What features do you want?

Ask this question when evaluating different VPN providers online. Each one offers some features or benefits to set themselves apart. Ask yourself if these benefits are of any value to you, especially if you are going to purchase a VPN license where each feature might cost an additional amount. Spend your money wisely at this stage.

  1. Be Cautious

No system is perfect, and that holds true for a VPN as well. There are ways that companies can find out and block you if you are accessing restricted services. Governments can also do the same. The thing is that they’ve not yet decided to do anything about it. The same holds true for hackers. It is a matter of time before they catch up with VPNs and learn to get around the security system. Be careful of your activity and avoid connecting to any suspicious networks, servers or websites.

  1. Learn some troubleshooting

You will have to learn some simple troubleshooting tips that will save you precious time when browsing different websites. Recently, Netflix blocked users who were accessing the website through a VPN. What would you do in such a situation? Well, for starters, you could check out this tutorial by But there are many other simple tips you can learn to make your online experience productive and safe.

We hope these tips will help you use a VPN to your best advantage. At the moment, it is one of the most useful tools for enhancing our online experience.

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