Spydialer is a free reverse lookup web-based service that anyone can use to look up a contact and personal information.

Particularly useful when you are getting calls from unknown numbers, or want to know more about your callers. You can use it to check the phone numbers, physical addresses emails, and more information about the unknown persons.   

  • Where does Spydialer get information?

 All the information generated from the search results is acquired using legal means. Spydialer uses publicly available data from sources such as social media and user-contributed address books.

This service gives you the benefit of access to much more information more than what you would find in phone book directories or the yellow pages.

  • What if I don’t want to be in the Spydialer database?

It is possible to remove your personal information from Spydialer. Once deleted, It will no longer be available or viewable to anyone else using Spydialer free phone number lookup.

  • Can I edit or update my information?

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available. Once contact information enters the database, it can’t be changed or edited. There are, however, plans to introduce this function on future updates.

  • Is all this legal?

Data already in the public domain is legally publishable. However, the reproduction of this data must be ethical and responsible.  

  • Can Spydialer reveal phone details of everyone with a phone?

Spydialer has access only to information from public records. Not all documents have phone numbers and therefore if system checks find nothing related to a phone number, only what is available can be displayed.

  • Is this website limited to US users only?

For now, the service is limited only to US residents, but plans are underway to roll out worldwide.

  • Why are full addresses or phone numbers sometimes not displayed?

Due to its being a free service, some may not want their information displayed and readily available publicly. As such, the information provided from public records may be hidden or incomplete

  • How anonymous is the service?

Spydialer ensures that any search query is confidential and anonymously relays it to you, thus guaranteeing the targeted person is unaware.

Only when using the voicemail lookup option, does it leave a trace of a missed call notification on the target’s phone.

Even so, some measure of anonymity is still maintained. If the other party chooses to call back, a short message will be played stating they have been spy dialled. However, it does not give information on who made the call.

  • Does a Spydialer voicemail search yield results every single time?

While Spydialer’s voicemail lookup is a tried and tested reliable service, sometimes, a search may not be successful for several reasons. The targeted number is no longer in service, disconnected, busy or may have activated a call forwarding feature to another line.

  • Can Spydialer be used to search for landlines?

The lookup service works mainly with cell phone numbers, VOIP but can return results on some fixed lines depending on location.

  • Why does Spydialer have a lookup limit?

Spydialer is a free service and can get understandably overwhelming when unlimited searches jam its system. Limiting the requests or number of times a person can access information ensures the smooth running of the service for everybody.

If you reach your limit, you simply try using it again after 24 hours.

  • How many times per day can I spy dial for free?

Non-members get a generous ten free chances per day. Paid-up subscribers, on the other hand, have unlimited access to the service.

  • Can web developers get access to Spydialer data?

Web developers can access some measure of information by contacting the Spydialer company to negotiate connections and data licensing.

Final Thoughts

Determining caller names and any other additional information is the desired result and responsibility of any excellent caller ID service.

Thankfully there are several database providers today where caller identification service providers can tap into to give their customers the information they seek.

The case for using a caller ID service is made even stronger today by the need for privacy and safety in communication. A reliable caller identification service is becoming not just desirable but essential.

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  1. So is this an advertisment for SpyDialer? The whole time it seems like you’re trying to sell it but without the sales pitch. You dont give your opinion on if u think its good or works or is a scam or misleading app.. u just give a very vague conclusion about the need for this sort of thing, but u dont say this is a good or bad option. U dont even refer to spydialer in your conclusion. Tbh it sounds like u are a representative for this company but are trying to write this in the perspective of a tech reviewer so as not to sound suspicious, which is why u dont recommend it. Or u dont recommend it because u know it is a scam or just a shit app and dont want to put your name on a favourable review. I definitely still dont feel like I know enough from third party reviews of this site/app to consider registering for it.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. This article was written by the previous owner and is not the best article i’m afraid.
      Better content is being added to the website as we speak. 🙂

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