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A Medication Smart Sensor You Can Eat!

A new ingestible medication sensor has been brought to market by Proteus Digital Health, with the aim of helping the wearer monitor their medication intake and health information. By combining a wearable patch with an ingestible sensor, the system can monitor the patient’s heart rate, activity, and temperature throughout the day. The ingestible sensor is […]

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The Seven Advantages of Cloud-based Video Bridging

The introduction of cloud-based video bridging solutions has made the traditional MCUs redundant. According to Telepresence Options, traditional MCUs are almost killed, and even the traditional vendors providing MCU hardware are migrating to cloud-based solutions.  It further states that 65 percent of CIOs believe that desk phones will be a thing of past by 2017. […]

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21 Gadgets That Could Help You Sleep Better (Infographic)

“In our tech-addicted world, gadgets are typically thought to be counterproductive to healthy sleeping habits. But what if you could harness a new fleet of contraptions that might help you doze off soundlessly? From the Tranquil Turtle, a stuffed animal-slash-sleeping aid that projects underwater images and plays soothing sounds for children, to the disturbingly snug Ostrich […]

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Protecting Broadband and Wireless Internet Users

There has always been a lot of discussion about the amount of privacy that broadband and wireless internet subscribers should have. This argument, however, has usually been between the privacy laws concerning private citizens and the government. This debate has now headed in a new direction with the Federal Communications Commission targeting internet service providers. […]

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Advancements in VOIP Phone Services

Telecommunications is a term that refers to any type of communications products and services used by an individual or a company. You may use products like the best virtual PBX because you work remotely from your office or because you have employees working remotely. These products and services are also great for those who need […]

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Scooter Tips & Tricks (Infographic)

Scooters are compact, easy to ride, and loads of fun! That’s why they’re so popular for getting out and about. They’re not just great for scooting around, though – scooters are also great for doing eye -catching tricks! They’re a great gift for any adventure-loving kid. If you’re new to scooting, our guide to scooter […]

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4 Great Apps For Game Show Lovers

Game shows are some of the most enduring forms of entertainment on television, largely thanks to their capacity to invite viewers to play along. But no matter how much fun it is to follow along with game shows at home, answering trivia questions with family members or deciding what you might do in a contestant’s […]

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How Much Should I Spend on A Drone?

Not so long ago, drones were limited to far-fetched fantasy world of celluloid. Sci-fi movies used them as tools to spy, tools to destroy and sometimes as tools to save the world. But, thanks to the rapid strides in technology, the dream is no more just a dream. Today drones are increasingly occupying the mind […]