Android has shown great promise this year with the operating system taking over nearly 65% of the US market share. This should ideally have been a bleak scenario for Apple, the only other significant player in the mobile operating system world. However, the current release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus might well be the triggers that might get Apple back on top. The numbers from last year portray a similar picture where Apple lagged in its market share through the year but managed to come out top at the very end.

Reasons why we Believe Apple might Surpass Android in 2015

The new 3D Touch Technology

iOS 9, the latest release by Apple on September 9 2015 boasts of the 3D touch technology. This technology essentially means that your mobile would not only sense your touch but also the pressure with which you touch it. It is now possible to take a glimpse at your mails or actually open them. Use certain features of your apps without opening them and accomplish a lot more thanks to the new force touch technology. This is a great addition to an already spectacular Apple lineup and could very well tip things in Apple’s favor this year.

The Stagefright Scare

While things are definitely looking rosy for Tim Cook’s baby, Android is not having any such luck. Google’s pet project might in fact have a huge security lacuna that could ruin customer confidence for good. The stagefright bug as it is being called can breach your mobile’s security by simply sending a malicious mms. Not opening the message is not going to help as once it lands into your mobile the damage is already done. Take a look at this link to get a better understanding of the havoc that this bug can wreak on your phone.

Android has already rolled out a patch to circumvent this problem; however very few handsets have installed the update.

Android Updates Take Way too long

There is a reason that Android is such a huge player in the mobile market. Google decided to allow various manufacturers to tweak the operating system and sell a modified version of it in their respective devices. Take a look at the official Android site to get a glimpse of just how vast the Android network is. While this decision might have done wonders for their market share it has also ensured that any updates that happen in Android reach their customers at a much later date. The various manufacturers and even carriers have a say in the role out and it takes forever for the changes to reach Android handsets.

This is in sharp contrast to Apple where updates reach customers immediately. Thus, any security loop-holes can be plugged immediately rather than waiting for disaster to strike.

Android to Apple Switch a Breeze

Check this link and this video out to know all about an app by Apple on the Google Play store that allows you to switch from Android to Apple seamlessly. This app is bound to tempt beleaguered users to switch loyalties.

Apple definitely seems to have an edge over Android and we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out the winner yet again.

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