Telecommunications is a term that refers to any type of communications products and services used by an individual or a company. You may use products like the best virtual PBX because you work remotely from your office or because you have employees working remotely. These products and services are also great for those who need to meet with clients living all around the world and those who want to be more efficient at work. Hosted IP PBX providers offer a number of new services that work well in offices of all sizes.

Video Conferencing 

When searching for a hosted PBX, consider choosing a provider that offers video conferencing services. Video conferencing lets you communicate effectively with others from the comfort of your office. Instead of making dozens of phone calls and trying to find ways to get everyone involved in the call, you can host a video conference that lets everyone work together over video screens. Video conferencing also lets you see the way your clients respond to the content you provide and gauge their reactions.

Mobile Apps

Whether you work at home a few days a week or rarely go to the head office, you may need mobile apps that you can take with you. A mobile app is one that you can download to your computer, a smartphone or even a tablet. You can even connect the app to some of the dashboard systems in newer vehicles. These apps make it easy for you to check your email and voicemail to see if clients had any questions or concerns. The apps let you send messages back and stay in touch with both clients and employees while away from the office.

Voicemail to Email

Most offices today have voicemail setup for all employees working in that office. This lets you record your own personal greeting to let callers know who you are, how they can leave a message and when you will respond. You can also let them know when you’re away from the office and when you will return. A new feature is something called voicemail to email. This feature automatically turns each message left for you into a simple typed message that goes right to your email account. This is an easy and simple way to check your messages when you aren’t sitting next to your phone.

Automated Operator

Offices that are a little on the smaller size may not have enough cash to have a receptionist standing by to answer every phone call that comes in at the office. An automated operator can help your business run more smoothly and make you come across as more professional. This type of operator serves as a virtual receptionist. The individual will answer all calls that come in and route or direct those calls to the appropriate workers and departments. The operator will work remotely of your office and cost less than hiring a receptionist would.

Voicemail Setup

Virtual PBX providers USA companies often offer help when it comes to setting up the voicemail system used by your office. In addition to the voicemail messages or greetings that each employee makes, you also need an outgoing message that greets callers as soon as the machine picks up. You will also need to understand how to record that greeting, change the greeting and check your messages later. As you look for the best company for your business needs, make sure that the company will offer some setup help in the beginning and ensure that representatives can help you in the future too.

Optional Features

As the telecommunications industry changes, you want to ensure that you work with a company, like MegaPath,  that will keep up to date with all those changes. The best providers are those that offer optional features and services that you can add to your standard package now or in the future. You might want a reception console that distributes calls every day or a shared call program that lets multiple users talk on the same line. Other features you might want to add to your telecommunications package include hold music, a call queue, call waiting or the ability to record custom greetings.

Telecommunications services help you stay connected to all your workers and all your clients. You can use these services while away from the office, after hiring some employees to work from home or to provide your clients with the information they need over the phone or during a video conference.

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