Running an online store is definitely hard – you should have a user-friendly site, manage stock regularly, take care of shipping, returns, etc. And of course, you should get feedback from your customers. On one hand, this feedback is useful for you since it shows what you are doing right and which aspects you need to improve upon. On the other hand, feedback from you real customers acts as a testimonial and can attract more sales.

It’s believed that only positive feedback is crucial for increasing sales. But in reality things are not that simple. If you visit a store, find an interesting product there and see dozens of 5 star reviews for it, would you believe them? I wouldn’t. The truth is that it’s nearly impossible to fully satisfy each customer. We all set particular expectations, have our own opinions, so the product which would satisfy everyone is hard to come by. And it’s ok, since negative customer reviews are also beneficial for you in many ways.

They build trust

We don’t live in a five star world, that’s why completely positive reviews look fishy. You may be surprised but many customers read only negative or neutral reviews before making a final buying decision. In a nutshell, a mix of different reviews with different ratings adds trust to your store. Don’t hesitate to ask your clients to leave reviews.

They show you care

There is no more loyal customer than the one who faced a problem and had it resolved by you. It’s easy to be good from the beginning, but it’s very hard to earn trust of a customer who was once unsatisfied with your product.

You can earn loyalty by being quick and efficient in resolving customer issues. People value that and can write about it in their reviews.

Moreover, you can thank you customers for good reviews and answer to bad reviews. Make sure your answers are personal and helpful, they shouldn’t look like “Sorry, we hope everything will be ok next time”. There won’t be the next time if the customer is left unsatisfied.

They show you your weak sides

Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing about your potential weak sides can definitely help you improve your business, products and customer support. So say thank you to customers who help you become better.

They make you stronger
Not all negative reviews are equally good for you. Some of them are unfair, some were written just because a customer has had a bad day. But in any case they all make your business stronger.

More facts
The infographic below reveals more facts about customer feedback and reviews that you as a business owner should be cognizant about:

Customer Reviews & Customer Support Facts - Infographic

Final thoughts

You will hardly achieve good position in your niche if you are afraid of bad reviews. You will get them anyway. Your main goal should be to treat them right and get the information that will help your business to grow and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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