If you were using computers in the 1990’s and early 2000’s then you know the struggle of compatibility. It was an uncertain time for software, to say the least, and you were often stuck on one side of the fence or the other – there was no in between. Today, software has finally become more compatible, allowing businesses to finally choose whatever it is they want in terms of videoconferencing. Polycom video conferencing Blue Jeans for example has made for better connectivity for individuals and companies all around the world. In fact, it has become so well integrated that Polycom endpoints with DMA 7000 will still be able to use 7000, and it can be configured to send calls to the endpoint. Let’s take a look at some of the clear benefits of the new system.

Send and Receive Documents

Video conferencing software is plentiful but the ability to send documents is most certainly not. Lower end software only allows for face to face communication and completely omits any other functions that might be necessary in a corporate environment. This means finding software that can not only send documents, but also assist you in displaying presentations, among other things. Part of the draw of modern video conferencing is the ability to interact with the party on the other end as if you were in the same room. Such a thing simply cannot be achieved if you are forced to use separate programs for every single function. For this reasons, video conferencing programs need to make a sincere effort to provide what would be considered an all in one solution for their clients.

Video Recording

This is another point where the cross-platform connectivity is incredibly important. Video recording helps eliminate yet another ‘job’ in the conferencing area. Prior to video conferencing someone would actually have to sit down and take notes, recording the entire meeting for later recall if necessary. Since the introduction of video chat and conferencing however recording is handled automatically and if desired, can be uploaded directly to a cloud server. The best part is that Polycom endpoints can easily log into the server and record regardless of the platform in play.

Seamless Integration

The bottom line here is that with your video conferencing applications, you want seamless integration across the board. That means making sure it is compatible with all of your hardware and any software you might have that differs from the norm. The feature we are focusing on right now, if the title didn’t give it away, is interloping.

What does this mean exactly? How does it affect the video call? It does in a few different ways, actually. The most obvious way of course is the use of a third party device, generally not connected to the immediate network; such as a tablet or a laptop computer. You initial question here might be why interloping is so important and what exactly it brings to the table. After all, you already have a robust video conferencing software package, so what more could you possibly need?

As it turns out, there is much more to it than that. First of all, getting all of your people together for a video conference can be a bit of a hassle. This is also true on the other side, and with that being the case, having the ability to bring them all into a meeting without necessarily taking every single one of them off task would be not only ridiculous, it would be a waste of time and potentially damaging to the company if things don’t get finished on time.

All companies have deadlines and meetings can be an outstanding way to break the pace if that is what you were going for. Rather than run such a risk, it would be far better for you to simply arrange for your employees to become interlopers within the meeting, which Is to say have them participate from their existing locations rather than coming directly to the meeting room.

Final Thoughts

Software such as this is available across a wide variety of different networks. This wide availability has allowed companies to connect in ways never before imagined. In nearly every modern business employees carry their own smartphones which they can use to connect. Imagine that, you don’t have to send out devices and they can drop into the meaning any time. If that’s not amazing in an industry like this, then honestly, what is? Make sure you take a look at the list of compatible devices and get ready to enjoy a conference call like never before.

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