Game shows are some of the most enduring forms of entertainment on television, largely thanks to their capacity to invite viewers to play along. But no matter how much fun it is to follow along with game shows at home, answering trivia questions with family members or deciding what you might do in a contestant’s shoes, you can’t actually get in on the action. That’s still the case to some extent, but thanks to a fairly large category of game show apps, there are now plenty of simulations you can enjoy. These five apps stand out as particularly enjoyable.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & Friends (iOS, Android)

It may not be as old as some other iconic game shows, but Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is for many 21st century viewers what Jeopardy or Wheel Of Fortune are to older generations. This was the defining game show of an era, something for which fans everywhere tuned in every night. It even inspired a film, Slumdog Millionaire, won eight Academy Awards. And now, of course, it’s available for an app that not only functions as a brilliant trivia concept, but allows you to compete with friends online. The game features all the classic elements of the game show (such as the “ask the audience” or skip question options when you’re stumped), and a satisfying breath of questions. Additionally, the online competition element adds some satisfying stakes, given that you aren’t actually answering questions to win money!

Wheel Of Fortune (iOS, Android)

Wheel Of Fortune has as good an argument as any show to be called the most recognizable game show in history. And like some other classic shows, it adapts pretty naturally to the simple form of gameplay available on mobile devices. The Wheel Of Fortune app is a pretty exact replication of the actual game show, right down to host Pat Sajak’s style, which you can change according to how he looked for different eras of the show. You can also customize your own in-game avatar, which comes in handy when taking advantage of online competitions against other players. Just spin that wheel and fill in your letters, and before you know it you’ll be hooked.

Deal Or No Deal (iOS, Android)

Unlike other popular game shows, there’s no element of trivia or wordplay involved in Deal Or No Deal. As fans will recall, this is merely a game of risk assessment and probability estimation by which you eliminate brief cases in search of the $1 million case and decide at intervals whether to accept “the banker’s” offer instead of continuing to guess. It’s a little more dependent on the cash reward than some trivia games, and there’s an online arcade version for real money players that adds an element of risk and reward. But for people who merely want to enjoy the game format without dabbling in casino play, the app is perfectly accurate. Just beware, you’re probably going to want to keep playing until you land the million!

JEOPARDY! – America’s Favorite Quiz Game (iOS, Android)

Jeopardy is probably the only game show that can go up against Wheel Of Fortune for the title of the best ever, and it’s brought to users in faithful form through this app. Unlike Deal Or No Deal, this is another one that’s more about the trivia than the cash payout, which makes it plenty of fun even on a simple app without real money play. Online multiplayer against other competitors is an option, though you can also enjoy a pass-and-play mode that’s great with family or friends around the house. Another neat little touch (particularly on a tablet) is that you can actually trace in your name to write it up on your contestant board the same way that real life contestants always have.

What other game show apps have you enjoyed?

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