Not so long ago, drones were limited to far-fetched fantasy world of celluloid. Sci-fi movies used them as tools to spy, tools to destroy and sometimes as tools to save the world. But, thanks to the rapid strides in technology, the dream is no more just a dream. Today drones are increasingly occupying the mind space for the ultimate utility they present.

Amazon made waves a couple of years ago when they announced they’d be using drones to deliver their Amazon Prime orders. Many conflicts and debates later, today we have drones delivering pizza and helping keep a watch on private properties to more complex and non-civilian uses. Let’s explore what owning a drone might set you back by and how much should you actually be paying for one.

Aerial photography drones are more accessible to amateur photographers than ever before, and there is an option on the market to suit practically any budget. With the number of models and features offered, deciding on the right unit for your needs can be a fairly intimidating concept. Fortunately, you can determine exactly how much value you’re getting on your purchase by understanding the differences between typical drones at various price levels.


An entry level drone is intended for beginners, casual hobbyists, and those who require a low-cost option for their aerial photography purposes. Entry level drones are made of lightweight, inexpensive materials such as thin plastic or even Styrofoam, and can commonly be obtained for less than $100. Although an entry-level drone will give the average shutterbug a unique new tool for capturing unique shots, these drones are not intended for heavy duty use and frequently lack basic safety and stability features.


The next step up from basic models are the mid-range drones, which typically provide a more robust performance package, more responsive controls and more options such as HD video streaming. Mid-range drones are usually made with a higher grade of plastic for increased durability and feature higher quality components for less breakdown over time. At anywhere to $100 to $500, a mid-range aerial photography drone is something of an investment, but is built to last much longer than an inexpensive drone, making it ideal for those who will use them on a reasonably regular basis.

Professional Quality

The top aerial photography drones on the market can start at $500 and run into the thousands of dollars, but the package of benefits they provide make them the only choice for serious photographers. These drones are made of highly durable plastics for hardiness and light weight, and have powerful motors to make piloting them as much a fun experience as a positioning task. A drone like the GoPro Solo 3DR is outfitted such features with wind compensation technology and automatic return when the drone goes out of range of the transmitter. Learn more about the GoPro Drone at Harvey Norman to discover the difference a professional quality tool makes.

Understanding why aerial photography drones can vary so widely can help you get the most value for your investment. From entry-level to professional quality drones, there’s a model for every budget and the perfect one for you is out there somewhere.

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