Whether to use a cover on your smartphone is an ongoing argument; at the end of the day much of the decision comes down to personal preference; that being said there are points to consider when you are deciding whether you want to use a smartphone cover or not. There are pros and cons to the argument, but there is no doubt that smart phone covers do provide an extra level of protection for your phone.

If you decide that having a cover for your smartphone is a good idea then you need to look around for the best cover to suit your needs, at a price you can afford. For instance, companies like Lander provide specially designed smartphone covers that are ideal for people who enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. If you still haven’t decided whether to get a cover for your smartphone then here is a look at the points you may want to consider and what protection you can expect from a smartphone cover.

Why some people are reluctant to use a smartphone cover

You will hear some people say that they will never use a cover on their smartphone. There can be several reasons for this point of view:

  • Even very slim smartphone covers add some bulk to a phone.
  • Covers can sometimes cover up design features of the phone.
  • Covers create more crevices in which dirt can build up. If the phone is not cleaned regularly then this build up can cause surface damage to the phone.

People who do not use a cover on their smartphone often quote reasons such as these, or they simply say that they bought the phone because they like the look of it and they don’t want to cover that up.

How a cover protects your smartphone

Obviously it’s up to the individual whether to purchase a cover for their smartphone or not, but it’s worth remembering that accidents can happen all too easily. Of course, you can never totally protect your smartphone against damage but there are benefits to be had from using a cover.

  • Any cover offers some protection should you drop your phone, even a cheap one. Obviously, more substantial covers provide better protection. Softer cases tend to provide better protection than hard cases when a phone is dropped.
  • Some smartphones have a camera which is flush with the phone itself. If the lens becomes scratched it damages the quality of your images. Using a smartphone cover helps protect against this happening.
  • Many smartphone covers provide extra grip so it’s not as easy to drop your phone and damage it.
  • If you want to protect the re-sale value of your phone, using a cover helps to protect against everyday scratches and scrapes.

You can see the value of having a cover when it comes to protecting your smartphone. It’s also important to note that a smartphone cover can provide some distinction to your phone and make it easier to identify if it becomes mixed up with others, as well as giving you some individuality.

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