If you want 2016 to be the year you finally shed those excess pounds and lose some weight, there are some highly effective gadgets to help you achieve all your fitness goals. It won’t matter that you’re new to regular exercise if you have one of these items of tech at your disposal.

  1. InBody Band

The InBody Band looks like a digital watch at first glance, but it tracks a range of fitness stats and analyses body composition. Wearing this gadget as you embark on your new, healthier lifestyle will allow you to track your body fat as it gradually declines. The winner of a CES Innovation Award, the InBody Band uses four different sensors to deliver highly accurate readings.

  1. Fitbug Orb Fitness Tracker

The Fitbug Orb fitness tracker is a sleek yet discreet device that can sit almost anywhere on your person. This intuitive activity tracker records your steps and movements, and translates that data to give you accurate information on how many calories you burn during your workouts.

Linked to a mobile app, the Orb is a digital coach that tracks your fitness, activity and sleep – helping you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. You can track your progress online or with the app, allowing you to make the necessary changes to your fitness regime to meet your long-term goals. You’ll also be sent healthy recipes and calorie targets, ensuring you don’t undo all the hard fitness work you’ve done by overeating.

  1. SmartMat

Yoga can be a tricky discipline to get right, and paying for lessons can be a very expensive business. But having the SmartMat in your home gives you the expertise of an instructor at a fraction of the cost. This electronic yoga mat syncs with an app, and lets you know when your posture needs modifying, and when you are out of alignment. All feedback is given verbally in real time.

  1. Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle is a smart pedal that tracks everything from the route you take to the calories you burn. You can also track the inclines you cover – via a mobile app. And if your bike is stolen, you’ll be able to track it through the pedal’s in-built GPS locator. This is the perfect way to make your love of cycling a more productive pursuit.

  1. Visijax Commuter Jacket

Getting on your bike is a great way to make exercise part of your daily routine – but cycling on Britain’s roads can be fraught with danger. You can stay safe and fit by wearing the Visijax Commuter Jacket during your cycle rides. The jacket features 23 LED lights on the front and back, and turn indicators automatically activate when you raise an arm.

  1. Sensoria Fitness Socks

Everyone needs to wear a comfortable pair of socks whilst out running, so why not make them smart socks? Sensoria socks track a range of statistics, including your running form, distance, speed and how your foot lands. This data is then sent to an app – allowing you to track your progress and make changes to your running style where necessary.

  1. Finis Neptune

If you are considering swimming as a way to get fit, you can make the experience a great deal more exciting by listening to music with the Finis Neptune as you do laps of the pool. Just strap the device to your goggles, and music will be transmitted to your ear via bone conduction audio – so there’s no need for annoying earphones.

With one of these fantastic fitness gadgets at your disposal, you can make exercise more effective in 2016 – and a lot more enjoyable.

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