Black Friday is the shopping extravaganza that came over from America and took the UK by storm. On the day after Thanksgiving, stores and online retailers in the U.S. slash prices on everything from TVs to clothing – and a frenzy of bargain-hunting ensues.

Black Friday falls on November 27th in 2015, and this could be the first year in which fitness app developers get in on the price-cutting action. In readiness for the phenomenon that is Black Friday, here are some of the latest health and fitness apps that could be available at knock-down prices this year.

30 Day Fitness Challenges

The 30 Day Fitness Challenges app is available for iOS and Android, and it provides the user with workout programmes for the legs, arms and core. There are several challenges contained within each section, each of which take 30 days to complete. The app will remind the user when it’s time to exercise, but things are kept simple, with workouts lasting between just one and five minutes. The standard version of this app is available at £1.99, but look out for bargains this Black Friday.


Endomondo is a social app that gives users the chance to share their workout stats with an active community. There are regular community challenges to take part in, which make exercising a lot more fun. Users can record their personal bests, and there is a chance to gloat when the personal bests of other users are beaten. The Pro version of the Endomondo costs £20.99 per year, but you can expect some hefty discounts this Black Friday.

RunKeeper Elite

RunKeeper is filled with useful functions and tracking options, which makes it hugely popular with running enthusiasts. Social options and GPS functionality allow users to share their favoured routes with friends and followers. RunKeeper Elite also allows users to integrate important health data from more than 70 different apps already on the market. This advanced, comprehensive app can be picked up for £27.99, but look out for large discounts on Black Friday.

Zombies, Run!

The Zombies, Run fitness app is lots of fun, and is perfect for people who are becoming bored and de-motivated during their workouts. Featuring an intricate storyline written by a published novelist, this wacky app gets you running by sending hundreds of flesh-eating zombies after you. Run to collect virtual supplies, help friends and escape death by a thousand bites. The app allows you to record your most audacious escapes, and set up a range of playlists that give your zombie escapades a different dimension. You should be able to save yourself some serious cash on the usual £2.49 price-tag this Black Friday.


Available for Android and Apple devices, the MyFitnessPal app allows users to track their exercise and diet with ease. The app provides nutritional tips and meal plans, and helps people to carefully manage their calorie intake based on exertion levels. The premium version of this hugely popular app is available for $9.99 per month or $49.99 for an entire year.

Kiqplan fitness and weight loss app

The Kiqplan suite of health and fitness apps was developed by the same people who engineered the hugely successful Fitbug fitness tracker. Compatible with iOS, Android and most major fitness trackers, these intuitive apps are more like digital coaches. There are currently eight to choose from, each with a very clear health goal in mind.

Taking data entered manually and/or gathered from a paired activity tracker, Kiqplan formulates a personalized plan for each user. Each 12-week programme delivers workout videos, lifestyle tips and healthy recipes – all with the aim of helping the user to achieve a very specific goal. When targets are reached, performance badges are awarded. When users fall short, they are given motivation and practical advice for getting back on track. The Kiqplan digital coaching programmes available this Black Friday are:

Slim + Trim – Designed for women of all shapes, ages and sizes who want to lose weight and tone up.

Beer Belly Blaster – Developed for men who want to banish their beer belly, lose weight and generally get into shape.

Healthy Baby Bump – This app is for mums-to-be who want to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy.

Goodbye Baby Bump – Designed for mums wanting to get back in shape after giving birth.

Your First 5K – Takes users from the couch to a 5K run in 12 weeks.

10K Run Ready – This app helps people to prepare for the challenge of a 10K run.

Bikini Hot – Designed for women who want to look their best in a bikini.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Designed for men who want to look toned on the beach or by the pool.

Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to save a huge amount of money on the tools needed to lose weight and get in shape. Look out for some great bargains on leading health and fitness apps when the sale begins on November 27th.

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