Since Samsung released its S21 Ultra, there has been a discussion about whether the moon images that the camera can deliver are really genuine. Many have tried to prove that it is fake and that it is fake that it is fake. MBHD made a video about this phone and actually took a picture of the moon.

A a user on Reddit has managed to trick the phone. Samsung themselves say that they take a lot of pictures of the moon and combine them with AI to produce a sharp image of the moon. However, the Reddit user took a picture of the moon, scaled it down, added a lot of blur, and then printed the image. There were no details to be found in the image, yet the Samsung phone still delivered an image with moon details.

The moon. Which one is fake?

All pictures taken with a mobile today are to some extent fake, so it can be discussed whether it matters so much if Samsung adds some extra details or not to the moon images. If they do it.

What do you think, are Samsung’s moon images too good to be true?

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