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9 Free Cool iPhone Apps

“There’s an app for that” is an understatement as Apple’s App Store has thousands of apps that turns browsing for cool apps into an overwhelming experience. Some we couldn’t begin to fathom an app exists as you’ll see from this list. Here we pick a handful that you’ll find useful. BeFunky Photo Editor The built-in […]

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8 Best iPad Apps for Educators

After a period lasting thousands of years in which teachers had only basic language and writing tools at their disposal, the technological age has made electronic wonders instantly available to the hands of educators and students alike, presenting the ability to enrich the learning environment exponentially. The Apple iPad tablet computer in particular has proven […]

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Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Compared

Whether you love or hate the iPhone, there are a couple of certainties that no one can deny concerning Apple’s flagship product: Its intuitive interface and wild popularity have made it one of the most polarizing products in modern history. But while opinions may vary greatly concerning the iPhone’s rank among competing devices, no one […]

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Best iPhone Apps to Travel to Chicago

Mobile phones have come a long way from simply allowing us to exchange conversation, and mobile apps have come a long way from simple calculators and time-wasting games. The modern iPhone is a tool in nearly any situation, offering the traveler in particular an endless array of useful apps and functions to make every trip […]

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100 Best Android Apps

Although the iPhone has been the “it” phone for some time, the Android is not set on second place. In fact, the Android has generated a major threat. In a struggle to compete, Apple has even resorted to lowering their prices on the iPhone. While Google and Apple continue in their phone war debacle, the […]

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Apple iPhone 2G (1st Generation) and 3G (2nd Generation) Compared

Whether you love or hate Apple, you must admit that the iPhone revolutionized cell phones as we know them today. Before the 1st generation iPhone hit the market, the top selling phone for the past three years was the Motorola RAZR. However, not too long ago, the iPhone and Apple enjoyed monumental achievement by becoming the best selling phone in the third-quarter of 2008.