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Spotify HiFi is still on the way

It’s been a little over two years since Spotify unveiled Spotify HiFi with the promise that it would be released later in 2021 – despite that, we’re still here today without better quality than 320 kbit/s on Spotify. So what happened to the subscription with higher quality? In a new interview with Spotify’s product manager […]

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OpenAI releases GPT-4

We have all heard of ChatGPT by now, and that product is based on GPT-3.5. Now, OpenAI is releasing GPT-4 which is even smarter and can do even bigger things. GPT-4 can take in and generate up to 25,000 words which is eight times more than GPT-3.5. GPT-4 can also see and understand images. For […]

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BMW M3 Touring vs Alpina B3 Touring

Before BMW themselves presented the M3 in estate form, Alpina released the B3 Touring. To see what really sets these two apart, Harry Metcalfe took both cars out and compared them (although we only see him drive the M3). The Alpina is not as aggressive as the M3 and also looks a bit more discreet, […]

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Microsoft Edge gets Bing AI

Microsoft is now rolling out Bing’s AI chatbot to the regular version of its web browser, Edge. The feature, which was previously only available in developer versions of Edge, is now becoming available to more users on both Windows and macOS. Here’s how Microsoft describes the new feature: – The New Discover: Edge Copilot is […]

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Mercedes unveils updated GLC Coupe

Last year, Mercedes released an updated version of the GLC model. Now, the same update is being rolled out for the coupe version. The front looks the same as the regular version, and it’s the sloping back that has a new design. The car has also grown by 3.1 centimeters in length compared to its […]

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Volkswagen to soon unveil affordable electric car

Tomorrow evening, Volkswagen will livestream under the slogan “Volkswagen for the people”. It will be about the new affordable electric car that has been rumored for a long time. It may be named Golf, or ID.Golf, or ID.2. The whole event will be a preview of an upcoming car, so don’t expect a production-ready vehicle […]

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Leica Vario-Elmar-SL 100-400 f/5-6.3

The new Leica Vario-Elmar-SL 100-400 f/5-6.3 is not the first telephoto zoom for the Leica SL camera system. That was the expensive APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm f/2.8-4. A slightly brighter zoom but with a shorter range than the new 100-400mm, which comes with a nice bonus: It is significantly cheaper than a 90-280mm. The construction is not […]

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Electric Cayenne coming in 2026, confirms Porsche

Porsche is also moving towards electric power, with both a Macan and an electric Boxster under development. Now we also find out that big brother Cayenne will be electric in 2026. Cayenne with a combustion engine will still be sold then, but those who want to drive Cayenne entirely on electricity will have an alternative. […]

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BMW will launch a fuel cell model before 2030

BMW continues to develop cars that run on hydrogen. The iX5 is on its way, but you won’t be able to buy it. Instead, some individuals will be able to borrow it and, in exchange, help with evaluating how it is to live with such cars. It has already started production, and five units will […]

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Hot Wheels is becoming a TV program

The host of Top Gear US, Rutledge Wood, is back with a new program called Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge. In the program, two Hot Wheels enthusiasts transform a boring everyday car into a car worthy of Hot Wheels. They are assisted by a garage full of experts. The winner of each week’s program advances to […]

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For sale: Saab 9-3 Viggen

The Saab 9-3 Viggen was introduced in 1998 in an attempt to compete with German rivals such as BMW and Mercedes. The reception from the automotive press at the time was both very positive and negative. Now there is a 9-3 Viggen for sale in the US. The car initially boasted 228 horsepower, which was […]

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Is Samsung Faking Images of the Moon?

Since Samsung released its S21 Ultra, there has been a discussion about whether the moon images that the camera can deliver are really genuine. Many have tried to prove that it is fake and that it is fake that it is fake. MBHD made a video about this phone and actually took a picture of […]

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Play Call of the Sea for free

As always, Epic Games is offering a game every week and this week they are offering the nice game Call of the Sea. The game is an adventure game developed by Out of the Blue and published by Swedish Raw Fury. The game takes place on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean during the […]

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Is this the Google Pixel 7a?

In recent years, Google has released an “a” version of its flagship phones, which are intended to be a bit more affordable. It looks like this trend will continue this year as we may see a Pixel 7a in early summer. According to the latest rumors, the phone will feature a 6.1-inch 1080p OLED screen […]