A few years ago, Bose developed “sleep headphones” called Sleepbuds that aimed to help users sleep better by blocking unwanted background noise and playing calming sounds.


In 2020, Bose released its final version of Sleepbuds before discontinuing production. However, some Bose employees seemed to like the idea of Sleepbuds, so they left Bose, licensed the Sleepbuds technology from Bose, and started the new company Ozlo to continue developing Sleepbuds.

Now, Ozlo has introduced a new version of Sleepbuds that can also be used as traditional headphones. Additionally, the headphones have built-in sensors that can measure sound, light, and temperature, collecting data to analyze the user’s sleep environment.

Do you suffer from Trash Sleep? Ozlo Sleepbuds can help!

The new version of Sleepbuds also has the capability to track movements and breathing to analyze the user’s sleep patterns. You can learn more about Ozlo’s version of Sleepbuds in the video above.

If you’re interested in a pair of Sleepbuds, they are available for purchase through a Kickstarter campaign.

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