Yesterday, Sam Altman officially resumed his position as CEO of OpenAI, following his unexpected dismissal from the role by the company’s board two weeks ago. The leadership turmoil at OpenAI became a media saga for a few days and ended with the then-current board of OpenAI being replaced and Altman regaining his old job.

Sam Altman is Now CEO of OpenAI Again
Sam Altman is Now CEO of OpenAI Again

It is now also confirmed that OpenAI’s majority owner, Microsoft, will have a seat on the new board of OpenAI. However, Microsoft’s board member will not have voting rights. In addition to Microsoft’s board member, whose identity is still unclear, the new board of OpenAI will consist of Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. The latter was also a member of OpenAI’s old board.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the then relatively unknown company OpenAI releasing ChatGPT, the generative AI assistant that took the world by storm and seems to have opened many people’s eyes to what AI can achieve.

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