The release of the new Apple Watch Ultra (seen on the right, in the image) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (seen on the left, in the image) have gotten a lot of reactions from the public, not all good.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs the Apple Watch Ultra

A lot of people claim that the Apple Watch Ultra has been overpriced for what it delivers and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on the other hand doesn’t deliver the performance level that people were hoping for.

So, Apple Watch Ultra or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which of these two smartwatches is the better choice for your overall, that is the question that this article will aim to answer. 

Apple Watch UltraSamsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Case materialTitaniumTitanium
Battery size542mAh590mAh
Battery lifeUp to 36 hoursUp to 80 hours
Brightness levelUp to 2,000 nitsUp to 1,000 nits
Case size49mm45mm
Weight, excluding the strap46,5 grams61,3 grams

What Exactly Are The Differences?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

There has been a lot of back and forth with regards to which one of these two smartwatches are better than the other as some claim that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is no match for the performance of the Apple Watch Ultra, whilst others think the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is better because of its compatibility with any android phone. So, which one of these two smartwatches is actually the better option, let’s look at some of their key differences before making a decision. 

The Design and Screen

Apple Watch Ultra

Both of these two smartwatches have a very unique design to them as the Apple Watch Ultra has more of a square shape, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is circular. If you don’t count the weight of the straps, the Apple Watch Ultra, weighing in at 61.3 grams, is also heavier than the Galaxy Watch Pro, which weighs 46.5 grams. 

If you compare the displays of the two watches then the Apple Watch Ultra will come out on top thanks to its 19.3 inch display area and 410 x 502 pixels. The titanium casing that this watch comes in is 49mm, which actually makes it one of the biggest smartwatches that you are able to purchase on the market at the moment. However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro definitely isn’t far behind with its stats as it has a 1.4 inch Super AMOLED display, which has a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. The Samsung smartwatch is smaller than the Apple Watch but it is still one of the biggest smartwatches as well, with its 45mm case size. 

Speakers and Mics

Speakers and Mics

Now as we move on to the speakers and microphones of both of these smartwatches we will first see that the Apple Watch Ultra has been beautifully designed with a dual speaker as well as a siren. This new setup makes the speakers very impressively loud and has also improved the audio volume for calls thanks to how it was designed on the walls of the watch. The siren that this smartwatch has been equipped with is there in order to ensure that you get a fast response in case of a Fall Detection. The siren does so by emitting an 86 decibel sound pattern that can actually be heard up to an impressive 180 metres from where the watch is located. 

The impressive features for the Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t just stop there though as the smartwatch also provides the user with a three-microphone Array, in order to ensure that your voice is as clear as it can be. The watch also has an adaptive algorithm that is actually able to pick the best microphone, of the three available, for your audio. This will be especially helpful for those people who are trying to communicate with someone whilst you’re in a windy environment. 

Then on the other side of the spectrum you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that has a built-in speaker and microphone. The speakers that this watch has in it are definitely of high quality and are reasonably loud but they don’t manage to meet the same standard of the Apple Watch Ultra. Then in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pros built-in microphone, there isn’t even a contest to the amazing three-microphone Array that the Apple Watch Ultra possesses. 



The brightness of these smartwatches is very important to all the users because you’ll almost definitely be using it outdoors often. The Apple Watch Ultra is definitely the brighter smartwatch out of these two and reaches a brightness of up to 2,000 nits. Then furthermore you even have a Wayfinder face feature on this watch, which essentially reduces the effects of low lights so that it’ll be easier to view whatever is displayed on your smartwatch. 

Then you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which has a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits instead, which is half of what you would be getting from the Apple Watch Ultra. Even though it may not seem so good, when put up next to the Apple Watch Ultra, it is still a watch with a great view and is still convenient for whatever outdoor activities you have planned. 



Both the Apple Watch Ultra as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are great options when it comes to reliability. If you have any type of Android device, with the Galaxy Wearable app installed, then you’ll definitely be glad to know that your device is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. As soon as you connect this smartwatch to your smartphone you’ll immediately notice how swift and effective the whole experience is and this is because it runs on the latest User Interface, which is Google’s Wear OS 3. 

Then on the other hand you have the Apple Watch Ultra, which is powered by WatchOS 9, and has been designed mainly for fitness as well as health tracking. This watch has the technology to allow you to track your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen and body temperature metrics. Once the smartwatch is paired with your iPhone you’ll also be able to schedule events from your Apple Watch Ultra and not even have to touch your iPhone in the process. This does only work with your iPhones, that are an iPhone 6s or newer, as the watch doesn’t support iPads. 

Both of these amazing smartwatches have GPS sensors. Once you switch on your GPS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro then you’ll be able to see your real-time location. The Apple Watch Ultra, on the other hand, uses Apple Maps data and GPS, which leads to an even more accurate location and route map. Not only this but the Apple smartwatch also uses dual-frequency, which is the integration of both the L1 and L5 GPS, which will essentially lead to it never missing your realtime locations. 

Both of the smartwatches have also been equipped with safety features that allow you to receive immediate attention in the event of an emergency. If you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro you’ll first need to add your emergency contacts and activate hard fall detection on your watch. With this smartwatch you’ll also have the option to choose when the watch will detect falls, whether that be during workouts or physical activities. Then once the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro detects a fall it will send a SOS to your emergency contacts, that you had added, within 60 seconds and share your exact location. 

The Apple Watch Ultras safety feature on the other hand is quite advanced as it is even able to detect if you have been in a severe car crash. In order to make sure you get the most out of the safety features that this smartwatch has available to you you must first turn Fall detection on, on your smartwatch, so that there is an SOS that will be sent to your emergency contacts. The Apple Watch Ultra one ups the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as it will also call for emergency response within 20 seconds of a fall detection. 



Although both of these smartwatches are top-tier, their prices are very different from one another. If you are thinking about purchasing the Apple Watch Ultra then you also have to be ready to spend a whopping $800, whereas if you are going to be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro you’ll only need to pay $399. So, for those people out there that are looking for a smartwatch and are on a smaller budget then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is definitely a better choice for you. 

Even though the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a lot lower than the Apple Watch Ultras price tag it still provides almost every significant feature that you will get from the Apple watch. Two of the biggest drawbacks that you’ll have from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is its limited space as well as the need for the scuba-diving application. 



Both of these smartwatches are extremely durable thanks to their titanium cases and sapphire glass. More specifically, the Apple Watch Ultra features WR 100 water resistance, IPX dust resistance as well as 10ATM in order to withstand pressure of depths up to 100 metres. With all of these features and its build quality it is said to be one of the most rugged and capable Apple Watches ever produced. 

The physical design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is different to that of the Apple Watch Ultra as it has a raised bezel, which adds a bit more protection for the display from scratches. This smartwatch ahs 5ATM and IP68 protection, which makes it both water and dust resistant. Then, similarly to the Apple Watch Ultra, it also has the ML-STD-810H protection standard. 



Inside of the Apple Watch Ultra you’ll find a 542mAh battery, which will be able to give you up to 36 hours of battery life, but this will vary depending on your use, cellular coverage, configuration and other factors as well. Then on the other hand you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which gives you a much better battery performance of up to 80 hours, thanks to its 590mAh battery capacity. You could even be able to use this smartwatch over 3-5 days, depending on how you use it. 


The Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are both great smartwatches that give you some decent performance, but the Apple Watch does cost twice as much as the Samsung watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can be used as an excellent primary watch as you are able to connect it to any Android phone and it also comes with a lot of the features that modern smartwatches have, without the high price. 

If you aren’t just looking for a smartwatch primarily as an everyday watch and are a world-class athlete, a water sports enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer then it may be best for you to purchase the Apple Watch Ultra. One of the biggest advantages that the Apple Watch Ultra has over the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is that it is EN13319 certified, which means that it has been perfectly made for scuba diving to a depth of 40 metres.

Another huge advantage that this smartwatch has is how accurate the GPS tracking is on it and you’ll even be able to mark your location with compass waypoints and be able to backtrack if you’re off the grid. The Fall Detection feature that the Apple Watch Ultra has is also extremely handy for those doing extreme outdoor activities as it has a siren with a range of 180 metres. Sadly, the biggest downside to this watch is that you will have to pay a lot of money to get it on your wrist.

In the end the budget that you have is probably the biggest deciding factor as the prices of these two smartwatches are so different, but it is still up to you to decide which features you need and which one will benefit you the most. 

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