Digital Foundry has conducted a thorough analysis of Bethesda’s newly released game, Starfield, on various PC platforms. Their conclusion is that the game runs and looks best on computers equipped with AMD GPUs and CPUs. They further state that the game provides a ‘bizarrely worse experience’ when played on computers with hardware from Intel or Nvidia.

Starfield PC

The fact that the game performs best on AMD computers is likely due to an exclusive partnership between AMD and Bethesda. This partnership has involved AMD developers assisting Bethesda in optimizing the game for both PC and Xbox, which has probably been done primarily with AMD hardware.

Starfield PC – Digital Foundry Tech Review – Best Settings, Xbox Series X Comparisons + More

Digital Foundry, however, states that Starfield is overall better on PC than on Xbox Series X/S. This is partly because the FPS (frames per second) rate in the game is locked at 30 FPS on the Xbox version. Additionally, loading times are significantly longer on Xbox compared to PC, as reported. Above, you can find the complete analysis of Starfield for PC by Digital Foundry, and below, there is a video clip from AMD discussing how they helped optimize the game for Bethesda.

AMD is Starfield’s Exclusive PC Partner

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