In two days, those who have pre-ordered the more expensive editions of Starfield will get an early start, while the rest will have to wait until September 6th. Despite the game having gone gold, Bethesda is still working diligently on it, and now we might have a glimpse of what the first patch for the game will include.


Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming (spoiler warning) claims to have seen a document outlining what the early access patch will contain. This document also reportedly confirms that Starfield can run on both the Steam Deck and ROG Ally if they have the correct drivers, but hardware below the game’s minimum requirements may result in a lesser experience.

In addition to the usual performance and stability fixes, the patch is said to address some issues with certain quests (read the “Quest Fixes” section below at your own risk if you are sensitive to spoilers). It also addresses companions floating in the air and the distance at which we can access our ship’s cargo hold, to name a few examples.

Starfield will have a soft launch on September 1st and an official release on September 6th. Pre-downloading of the game is now available on both Xbox and PC.

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