As expected, Starfield set records over the weekend for the number of concurrent players on Steam. According to the statistics site SteamDB, 330,000 adventurous souls ventured into space, up from about 270,000 shortly after its release.


However, it’s challenging to compare Starfield’s player numbers with other titles because it was released directly on Game Pass, allowing subscribers to play it at no cost. Nevertheless, with 330,000 players simultaneously, it is still Bethesda’s second most popular game on Steam. Fallout 4, at its peak, had 472,000 simultaneous players.

Compared to other Game Pass games on PC, Starfield is at the top. Halo Infinite has been played by a maximum of 272,000 players, Forza Horizon 5 reached 81,000, and MS Flight Simulator had 61,000 concurrent players.


The day after its release, Xbox chief Phil Spencer stated that Starfield had over 1 million concurrent players. A day later, Bethesda announced that a total of 6 million players had tried Starfield. We will hopefully have an update on these numbers after the first weekend.

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