In order to really make the most out of your Hogwarts Legacy gaming experience you’ll probably want to unlock all of the cool customizable gear, conjuration recipes as well as all the ingredients that you may want or need, but to do all of these things pretty comfortably you’ll need to have quite a hefty supply of Galleons.

farm gold in Hogwarts Legacy

Most people that play this game will already have realised that you will make most of your money from either looting cash or completing quests, but there are also some other ways that you’ll be able to make extra money, which this article will cover below. 

How to farm Galleons

There are a few different ways to farm Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy but this article will go through the four most efficient methods for you. 

1. Farm a Few Beasts

Farm a Few Beasts



Lots of people will probably overlook the fact that you are able to capture beasts and then sell them for quite some profit, but it is actually quite a fun and efficient method, especially if you enjoy the adventure of finding loads of different animals. 

Once you have captured your beasts you’ll need to head over to the Brood and Peck shop, which is located in Hogsmeade, and there they’ll purchase any unwanted beasts you may have rescued. Here it’ll be important for you not to try and capture the most challenging beasts because no matter what type of beast you capture the Brood and Peck shop will offer 120 Galleons each. Some of the best locations to farm beasts are the two Puffshein dens that are located close to the Collectors Cave Floo Flame, which you’ll find directly west of Hogsmeade. 

Although you may question the ethics behind this farming method, lore-wise, you will actually be helping the beasts because you will be sending them to greener pastures instead of allowing them to fall into the hands of poachers. 

2. Sell Unwanted Gear

Sell Unwanted Gear



Unlike quite a few other games out right now, Hogwarts Legacy lacks a proper dismantling mechanic for those who are looking to get rid of their unwanted gear. This means that the best way in which you’ll be able to clear out your inventory space but also be able to make a bit of money in the process would be to sell your unwanted gear and equipment to merchants.

In order to even begin the process of selling your gear you must first have access to Hogsmeade and then you’ll be able to pick any shopkeeper and sell your gear. How many Galleons that you’ll get for each piece of your gear will depend entirely on what rarity it is, to get an idea of how much you can get here is a list of Galleons you’ll receive for different levels of rarity.

  • Green Gear – 60 Galleons
  • Blue Gear – 90 Galleons
  • Purple Gear – 150 Galleons
  • Gold Gear – 200 Galleons

If you are a little clumsy and are worried that you may lose a cool looking cosmetic, then you’ll be glad to hear that any style that you have unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy and sold will be available to you under the Outfit Appearance menu. 

3. Search Encampments

Search Encampments



Whilst you are just playing the game normally and adventuring through the countryside during quests and missions or even just leisurely flying around it will be important for you to try and stop at every encampment and base that you are able to. Although the duelling practice is both fun and rewarding, you’ll want to focus on picking up all the loot as well as any chests or containers that are dotted around each of the encampments after all the enemies have been dispatched. 

Once you start doing this you may think that the individual sums that you’ll get are pretty low, but if you do this for some time you will see your wealth growing a lot faster than you would have initially thought. 

4. Locate the Eye Chests

Locate the Eye Chests



You’ll be able to tell these types of chests apart from the regular chests as these are larger and have a strange eyeball on them, and these are also surprisingly more common to encounter than you’d think. 

You won’t just be able to start your new Hogwarts legacy account and find all of these eye chests because you won’t be able to open them. In order to open up these chests you’ll have to first be able to cast the Disillusionment Charm, after you’ve done that you’ll be able to slowly approach the chest and open it as usual. When you open the chest the eye on it will dart around surprised and you’ll be rewarded with 500 Galleons. 

Final Words

One of the coolest things about the Hogwarts Legacy game are all the cool cosmetics that you are able to get and with the help of this list you’ll hopefully be able to get the required amount of Galleons you’ll need to make your character as cool as cool can be. 

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