One of the first big decisions that you will have to make in the Hogwarts Legacy game is which Hogwarts House you will be joining, and although there may be a few reasons as to why you should pick one house over the others, a lot of players have realised that each of the House’s unique quests could be their biggest selling point. 

House Quests in Hogwarts Legacy

When you choose one of the four Houses in this game, you’ll be able to embark on a quest that is unique to that House and you won’t be able to play it if you’re in a different House. Although this may seem like quite a big thing, it really isn’t if you actually look into it and it doesn’t make that much of a difference on your gameplay experience. So, to give you a better understanding of the different House Quests, this article will break them down for you. 

Richard Jackdaw

Richard Jackdaw

No matter which of these unique House Quests you’ll embark on they will all involve the ghost of a student, who goes by the name of Richard Jackdaw. In order to solve the mystery of a book that you had found in the Restricted Section of the library you’ll need his help, but the part where you meet Richard Jackdaw will differ from House to House. 

There is no way that you can miss your House’s unique quest because the Jackdaw encounter is part of the Hogwarts Legacy main storyline. Although the House Quests may pay out a little bit differently from one another, they will all lead to the exact same next part in the main storyline of the game. 

The Hunt for the Missing Pages – Gryffindor House Quest

The Hunt for the Missing Pages - Gryffindor House Quest

In Gryffindors unique House Quest, The Hunt for the Missing Pages, you’ll work together with Nearly Headless Nick, who’s a ghost in the game. At the beginning of this quest, you’ll be asked, by NIck, to go down to the kitchens to get some rotten roast beef, and on your way there you’ll get to interact with a pretty cool painting called the “Painting of Fruit”, which’ll then open a passageway to the kitchen. 

Then once you’ve managed to acquire this rotten roast beef for Nick, he’ll then take you to the graveyard, where you’ll then encounter the Headless Hunt. Your goal here will be to locate and retrieve Richard Jackdaw’s head so that you’ll be able to summon Jackdaw’s ghost. 

Overall, this is a pretty fun quest that you’ll get to do that’ll also include some important characters, locations and events that you may have remembered from the Harry Potter books. So, if you are someone who would usually prefer the spookier side of the Wizarding World then this quest would definitely be for you. 

Prisoner of Love – Hufflepuff House Quest

Prisoner of Love - Hufflepuff House Quest

In this quest you’ll need to go and talk to the portrait done of Eldritch Diggory, which you will be able to find inside of the Hufflepuff common room. As you speak to this portrait you’ll find out about the murder of Richard Jackdaw as well as the fact that he thinks that the person who had been convicted of this crime was actually not the murderer. Once you find out about this you’ll then go and help a nearby former Auror to try and solve this mystery and finally put it to rest. 

You will then embark on a journey to Azkaban prison, with help from the Auror Helen Thistlewood, where you will visit the prisoner Anne, who is Richard Jackdaw’s former love interest, and is the one who has been convicted of the crime of killing him. After visiting Anne, you quickly learn the truth about this case and you then go and report what you have found out to the ghost of Richard Jackdaw. 

Many players will say that this is one of the best, if not the best, House Quest you can get in the game because you don’t just get to take a trip to Azkaban, but the quest’s story is also one of the darkest and most interesting that you’ll experience in the entire game. So, Hufflepuff has definitely received some love from the writers here. 

Scrope’s Last Hope – Slytherin House Quest

Scrope’s Last Hope - Slytherin House Quest

This unique quest to Slytherin begins once you’ve managed to discover a series of mysterious notes that reference someone who goes by the name of Scrope. There will be clue in the notes, which you acquired, and by following these you’ll find and eventually meet Scrope, who is a house elf that’ll ask you to help him get his hands on a Black family heirloom so that he can gift it to the headmaster. 

As you embark on your quest to try and find this heirloom for Scrope, you’ll find yourself in a mysterious dungeon filled with enemies and a few minor puzzles. Inside this dungeon, you’ll find the ghost of Richard Jackdaw, who then gives you some bad news about the heirloom you’re in search of. 

Although when it comes to novelties and storytelling, the previous quests from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are definitely the better options, but this quest does have a bit more of a traditional adventure in store for you. So, if you are someone that would like to see a bit more combat then this may be the better House Quest for you. 

Ollivander’s Heirloom – Ravenclaw House Quest

Ollivander’s Heirloom - Ravenclaw House Quest

To begin this quest you’ll need to head to Olivander’s shop, located in Hogsmeade. Once you get here you will speak with the owner, Gerbold Ollivander, who will inform you that someone has stolen an ancient wand from his shop and he’s now searching for it. Richard Jackdaw is at the top of Ollivanders’ suspect list, but to make sure he has asked you to find out more about the wand on a trip to the Owlery. 

Once you get here, you’ll find a series of perches that have pieces of statues on them, and once you combine all of the right pieces together you’ll find out where to place them, and you’ll slowly get an image of what happened to that old wand. 

Overall, when you compare this quest to the other ones you could have, this quest is amongst the worst options to pick out of the bunch. Everything about this quest is just a little bland, from the Owlery being an unexciting location to the puzzle being pretty simple. 

Final Words

Although the Hogwarts Legacy game is pretty new and a lot of it is still being explored, these are the only unique House Quests in the game. There are a few instances, like in the dialog, where it may differ from house to house but other than that you don’t really miss anything no matter what house you pick. These quests above are the only things that you actually “miss” in the game depending on your house, so it’ll be up to your personal preference to pick which house you’d like better. 

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