Fluxweed Seeds are actually very important items to have and you could never have too many of them, this is because these seeds are used to grow Fluxweed Stems. The Fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy are the key ingredients for a special potion, which actually reduces the cooldown timer on your spells, called Focus Potion.

There are two ways you can get fluxweed stem: You can grow fluxweed stem from fluxweed seeds in large pots, or you can buy fluxweed stem direct.

The Fluxweed Stem isn’t the only ingredient needed though, other ingredients that you will need for these Focus Potions include Lacewing Flies and Dugbog Tongues. So if you are a player who is trying to figure out how to get more Fluxweed Seeds or Fluxweed Stems, and have a few Galleons to spare, then this article is the right one for you. 

A few quick facts about the Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stem

  • The Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stem can be purchased in The Magic Neep.
  • The stem in hogwarts legacy can be grown.
  • You need fluxweed stems to craft the Focus Potion.


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Time to CompleteRequired
>5 minMagic Neep Store
Enough Galleons

Fluxweed Stem Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get it

How to get Fluxweed Seeds and Stems
How to get Fluxweed Seeds and Stems

The Magic Neep Location

If you want to find these ingredients the natural way then you’ll need to visit a location called The Magic Neep. The Magic Neep is a special store, which you can find in the northwestern corner of Hogsmeade, across the river. Once you manage to make it to this store you’ll need to locate a character by the name of Timothy Teasdale, he is Hogsmeade’s fresh produce, seeds and fertiliser supplier. 

the Magic Neep store
the Magic Neep store

Buy fluxweed stems

So in essence the Magic Neep store is basically a one-stop shop where you will be able to unlock all types of plants, seeds as well as ingredients that you may need to grow plants and craft potions for your Herbology class or the Room of Requirement. 

You can buy fluxweed stem for 150 Galleons each. However, since the fluxweed stem is costly, if you want to get fluxweed stem in higher volume, it might be better to buy fluxweed seed in order to grow fluxweed stem yourself.

How to grow fluxweed stem in Hogwarts

The fluxweed stem is a magical plant that needs to grow in a large pot so you need to buy the potting table with a large pot from Tomes and Scrolls that you find located in Hogsmeade. Then you set up the large potting table at the Room of Requirement and plant the fluxweed in the large pot.

The Magic Neep store’s shop list

If you aren’t aware of what this store has in store for you, in terms of seeds and ingredients.

Their Seed Packets

  • Fluxweed Seed – 350g
  • Knotgrass Seed – 350g
  • Mallowsweet Seed – 200g
  • Shrivelfig Seed – 450g

Room of Requirement Items

  • Fertiliser – 300g


  • Dittany Leaves – 100g
  • Fluxweed Stem – 150g
  • Knotgrass Sprig – 150g
  • Mallowsweet Leaves – 100g
  • Shrivelfig Fruit – 150g

How to get Focus Potions

Then once you’ve gotten all the Fluxweed you need you can then start to craft your own potions in the Room of Requirement.

In order to even begin doing this you will first need to acquire some potion recipes from J. Pippin’s Potions. If you’re looking for this store you’ll be able to locate it in the northwestern corner of Hogsmeade, positioned right before the bridge, which you take to the Magic Neep. If you are unaware of what recipes, ingredients or combat tools you can purchase here for your craft potions then the list below will remind you.

J. Pippins Potions
J. Pippin’s Potions

Potion Recipes

  • Focus Potion Recipe – 1200g
  • Thunderbrew Recipe – 1200g
  • Invisibility Potion Recipe – 800g
  • Maxima Potion Recipe – 500g


  • Ashwinder Eggs – 150g
  • Dugbog Tongue – 100g
  • Horklump Juice – 50g
  • Lacewing Flies – 100g
  • Leaping Toadstool Caps – 150g
  • Leech Juice – 150g
  • Spider Fang – 50g
  • Stench of the Dead – 100g
  • Troll Bogeys – 100g
  • Mongrel Fur – 50g

Combat Tools

  • Focus Potion – 500g
  • Thunderbrew – 1000g
  • Edurus Potion – 300g
  • Invisibility Potion – 500g
  • Maxima Potion – 300g
  • Wiggenweld Potion – 100g

Final Words

So, there you have the complete guide to get Fluxweed Seeds, to later get Fluxweed Stems in Hogwarts Legacy , to later be able to craft potions in order to help you along with your Hogwarts adventures

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