The Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series has been a long-standing introduction to the Bowers & Wilkins universe for many, extending all the way up to the high-end 801 D4, which sits in the extreme half-million-class range. This doesn’t include Nautilus, which is a separate project from Bowers & Wilkins.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series S3 Speakers

Whenever Bowers & Wilkins introduces new speakers, expectations are high. The previous 600 S2 series was released as an Anniversary Edition, enhancing sound quality further. Now, B&W’s Andy Kerr believes they’ve created an even better speaker series.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series S3

Everything is essentially new, from the cabinets to the speaker drivers and crossovers. The 600 Series consists of four models, including a center speaker, and comes in the three finishes seen in the image above. It’s worth noting that the new tweeter—with a titanium-coated dome—is positioned directly adjacent to the midrange driver. This arrangement applies to all models and is intended to provide a clearer stereo perspective and better midrange integration.

Titanium Tweeter


The new tweeter features a new suspension with a titanium ring and a rear-mounted tube to reduce compression and distortion. In the floor-standing 603 S3, it’s paired with a new midrange driver featuring B&W’s Continuum membrane, with suspension and magnet/coil derived from the 700 S3 series. The capacitors in the crossover filters and bass ports also come from the 700 series. The same applies to the suspension and magnet/coil of the bass driver.


There’s also a new stand for the two bookshelf models, the 606 S3 and 607 S3. The basic specifications for the new 600 S3 series are listed below.

Bowers-Wilkins-606 S3

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series S3:

  • The 603 S3 is the floor-standing model with two 16.5 cm bass drivers, a 15 cm Continuum FST midrange, and the new 25 mm titanium tweeter. The price for a pair is 2,300 euros.
  • The 606 S3 is the larger of the two bookshelf models. The titanium tweeter is combined with a 16.5 cm Continuum bass/midrange driver. The price is listed at 1,000 euros for the pair, plus the optional FS-600 S3 stands shown in the image above. The stand’s price is 300 euros for a pair.
  • The smaller 607 S3 features a 13 cm Continuum bass/midrange driver and is perhaps better suited for shelf placement. It costs 800 euros for the pair.
  • The previously mentioned center speaker is named HTM6 and features the new titanium tweeter as well as two 13 cm Continuum bass/midrange drivers. The price is set at 750 euros. For those seeking a home theater setup or enhanced deep bass, there are three B&W subwoofers named ASW610XP, ASW610, and ASW608, designed to complement the 600 series.
Bowers-Wilkins-606 S3

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