Rust is a fun game but can get boring if you have played it for a long time. So today we will talk about things you can do to make your Rust experience more fun and adventurous. These are tips for both solo players and players that play in a group.


You shouldn’t care so much

When you play rust and make those massive plays, such as you being all alone and killing multiple people and are just about to run away with all the guns and loot you got. But then comes the last player with a double barrel shotgun and shoots you once so you die. Most people would get angry and maybe even rage quit after that, for most people it would be a tremendous loss. But after all we need to remember that it is just a game and you get to feel the single feeling every Rust player craves to get. You got to feel the huge amount of adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Make the game more challenging

Maybe the game just feels too easy, then try doing things to make the game harder. For example try a wipe without using any optics, try playing with only iron sight and don’t use holo sight or maybe you could, everytime you hear a gunshot, go to that fight. You should try and put yourself in every type of PvP you can find and even try to counter some raids. Or maybe you can try and play the game out of a small base like a 2×2 so that it isn’t as easy to raid, defense or kill people camping your base.

playing rust

Try to get every achievement for the game

Rust at the moment has 90 different types of achievements that you can obtain. So if you don’t have anything to do, try getting as many achievements as you can to fully complete the game. Getting all of the achievements is a very hard thing to do in Rust so having all of them is actually pretty cool.

Do everything the game has to offer

Rust has a lot of things to offer and things to do. It is an action filled game with lots of thrilling activities that can be done. If you haven’t already done all the stuff the game has to offer, I really recommend doing all of it since it is very good design and very fun to do and here is a list of all the PvP relative things you can do:

  • Take Bradley
  • Take Oil Rig
  • Take Cargo Ship
  • Take Attack Helicopter
  • Take Chinook Crate.


Taking Bradley is a hard but very fun thing to do, but first you might be asking yourself what Bradley is. Bradley is a tank that drives around in the monument called “Launch Site”. Bradley can give insanely rare/good loot, like an M249, C4, rockets and much more. But we will be covering how to take Bradley another day, so stay tuned for that.

Taking Bradley

Oil Rig

There are two different oil rigs in rust, there is the normal “Oil Rig” and the “Large Oil Rig”. You can read about how to clear the oil rig here.

Cargo Ship

Rust is full of opportunities and one of the best opportunities to take is going to the “Cargo Ship”. It will give you loads of good loot and is one of the best, if not the best non-constant monument. There will be loads of people coming there for all that good loot you will get. It is the perfect place to try out your PvP skills. In most servers it will spawn either every other hour or it will spawn every hour.

cargo ship

The Attack Helicopter

The Attack Helicopter will spawn pretty much as often as Cargo Ship, it doesn’t give as much all around loot but it has a pretty good chance of giving you rockets and C4’s and a small chance of giving you an M249. You take it by shooting it down from the sky.

A more challenging way to take The “Attack Helicopter”

Traditionally you take The Attack Helicopter out of your own base but if that’s too easy you should try taking it down at a monument instead of your base.

Attack Helicopter

The Chinook Crate

Sometimes there spawns a Cargo Helicopter which will go around the map and then drop a crate at a monument. The crate takes 15 minutes to open after someone activates it, so you should try and wait out the crate and kill the people going for it. It isn’t as good as the previous special occasions but you will get loads of PvP out of it and it is loads of fun.

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