Rust… A very hard, competitive and time consuming game but also a very fun game to play with friends. But you might not know what to do and how to improve so here are multiple tips on how you can improve at Rust.


Choose The Right Server

Rust is a game with a lot of servers and you might get overwhelmed and don’t know which one to play on. So most players when they start out will just go on to the servers tab and pick the first server they see and that will be the official Rust servers. They are very competitive and almost everyone playing on there are very experienced Rust players and you will have a hard time progressing. So if you are just starting out I recommend starting off with a server that doesn’t have that many players. That way you can get to know the mechanics of the game and how everything works. 

Gather resources more effectively 

The first thing anyone should do when they start playing on a Rust server should be to get wood and stone. When you are hitting a tree, there will appear a red X mark on the tree. You want to hit that X mark because when you do you get more wood than if you would just hit the tree and you don’t need to hit the tree as many times for it to break. This will make it much faster to gather wood.

Gather resources in Rust

The same thing happens when you are mining a stone node, metal node and sulfur node. But when you are gathering stone, metal and sulfur then there won’t be a red X there will instead be a small white glowing dot. When you hit that dot you get more of the resource you are gathering and it will make the rock break faster so you will be able to gather materials faster.

mining a stone node

Road Farming

A very reliable and good way to get scrap and components. There is a method called Road Farming, it is when you run alongside the road and find these junk piles that have barrels and might even have brown crates on them. You want to break the barrels and loot the brown crate if the junk pile has one. By doing this you will get a lot of components and scrap within a pretty short amount of time. You can also find road signs that you can break to get pipes or road signs but if you’re lucky you will get both. They are very annoying to break though because of their amount of HP but it will be worth the effort.

Road farming in Rust

Need Low Grade? Do This

Low Grade is a very necessary but tedious thing to get. You can get it in multiple ways but one of the best ways to do it is break the red barrels you can find near monuments or the road. When you have broken them they will drop Low Grade and Crude Oil. You get your Low Grade and with the Crude Oil you should refine it at a Small Oil Refinery to get even more Low Grade. You can buy a Small Oil Refinery at Outpost for 125 scrap, but that is not recommended since you can also find them and use them at some monuments like Harbor, The Dome, Airfield and more. The Dome is also a very good place to get Low Grade since under it there will be a lot of red barrels.

Low grade in Rust


A very annoying thing in Rust is the starving debuff. You get it by having 30 or less hunger and it is not yet a problem but will be very soon. When you get to zero hunger you will start to slowly lose HP and eventually die. So you need to have food at your base that is ready to be eaten at any time of need. 

There are a few ways to get food but here is a list of the best ways:

  1. Food Crates at monuments
  2. By the river
  3. Abandoned supermarket

The first way is to look for Food Crates which can be found outside of most monuments and at some junk piles.

The second way to get food is to look for a small river or build your base next to the river. Because you see next to every small river there will spawn corn and pumpkins every now and then. Pumpkins and corn are some of the best food in the game.

The third and last great way to get food is to go to the Abandoned Supermarket or Oxum’s Gas Station monument. They both are very great places to get food, they have loads of food crates with all kinds of food that the game offers except for meat.

Finding food crates in Rust
Food crate in Rust

The Yellow Waypoint

Rust has a very large map and you might forget where your base is when you have been out on a big adventure. So, go on to your map and right click exactly where your base is before you go out on an adventure. Then you will always have your base marked on the map and will always know where to go to get back to your base.

The yellow waypoint

Build In Just The Right Spot

A very big map to explore and don’t know where to build your base. You should always try to build your base close to a safe zone so that you always have a safe place to recycle all your components. You should also try to build your base close to other monuments so that you don’t need to run a really long distance just to explore a monument. 

It is also recommended you build your base away from enemy bases so that they don’t get in the way. Building on a flat surface is also pretty important so that the terrain doesn’t get in the way of your base.

You want to avoid building your base in the snow biome since it is very cold there and you will get the cold debuff everytime you don’t have enough clothes on you. It is really annoying to have the cold debuff since your screen looks all frosty and cold and you will lose HP pretty rapidly.

Thats all for today, hope these tips help you along!

Hugo is a teenage gamer who writes mainly about gaming. He is also very interested in tech and specifically the evolution of AI and computer programming. Other interests include manga and music.

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