The Oil rig can be a confusing monument to a Rust beginner since it has a lot of features to it. But if you learn to master the Oil rig it is one of the best monuments in the game and you will earn good loot from it. 

How to clear the Oil Rig in Rust

What you will need

  • A gun and ammo
  • Healing (bandage, syringe or whatever healing you got)
  • Red and Blue card
  • Armor
  • Something to get you there
  • Low grade

Your way of getting to the Oil rig

You can get to the Oil rig in a lot of different ways. Most of the time you choose a way depending on which stage of the game you are in and how much resources you have since it is far out in the ocean. The different ways of getting there are:

  • Swimming
  • Kayak
  • Boat
  • Submarine
  • Helicopter


If you are still in the early stage of the game you might want to choose some of the cheaper options like kayak or boat. I do not recommend swimming since it is the worst way possible and it just takes a lot of time, it will probably not be the smartest idea to go there if the best you can do is swimming. 


You can buy a boat at the “Fishing village” along the coast for 125 scrap, or you can try to get lucky and find a boat along the coast so that you don’t need to buy the boat for 125 scrap. Although you need to remember to bring low grade (fuel for the boat’s engine) with you since it only gives you 50 fuel when you buy it.

How to get a boat in Rust

The submarine

The submarine can be a good way of getting there but most people don’t use the submarine since it is slow and a boat is more efficient. You can buy the Submarine at the same vendor as with the boat in a large or small fishing village. The submarine with one seat cost 200 scrap and the one with two seats cost 300 scrap, and remember to take low grade with you there since it only gives 50 when you purchase it.

Getting a submarine in Rust


Helicopters are the safest, fastest and best way to get there. But it is also the most expensive method, it costs 750 scrap for a “Minicopter” (has two seats) and for a “Scrap Transport Helicopter” it costs 1250 scrap (has two seats and a place at the back where a lot of people can stand in).

The completion

On the Oil Rig there will be “Blue Scientists”. You want to kill all of them but be careful because they deal quite a bit of damage to you. You want to kill them for different reasons, they have a chance of giving you ammo, Medical syringe, components and if you are extremely lucky you have a chance of getting a gun. You would also want to kill them so that it will be easier for you later on when killing the real scientists that we will get to soon.

Blue Scientists

When you have killed the Blue Scientists you will need to use your “Blue card” and your “Red card”. Open the Blue room under the helicopter pad, in there you will find another Blue scientist and a military crate. 

Then you take your Red card and swipe it to get to the most important part of the Oil Rig. In the red room there will be a crate and when you activate the crate, there will be a 15 minute countdown until you can actually open the crate. Once you have activated the crate and military transport helicopter will come and land on the helicopter pad and 6 Heavy scientists will run out after you. 

Heavy scientist

But before they get there I recommend running to the red and white crane in one of the corners of the oil rig, then climb up it and stand behind the hut on it for cover because these scientists deal an insane amount of damage. You will die in a matter of seconds if you stand in the open. The heavy scientists also have a large amount of health.

Then you also need to be ready that people can come and counter the Oil Rig when you are taking it, because other people on the server will be notified if someone is taking it. But once you have killed all of the heavy scientists you will need to wait for the rest of the time on the crate before it opens.

That’s it, take the loot and head out before you get company.

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