The Rust Trainyard puzzle, either you know what that is or you don’t. In this guide we will be covering what items you need to be able to do the puzzle, we will also be covering how to do the puzzle and where to go to get all the loot in the puzzle. The main goal with this puzzle is to get the red card that you will need to do other puzzles that will have more and better loot than this puzzle.

Rust Trainyard puzzle

What you need to be able to complete it

To complete this puzzle you will need a few things, you can see them down below:

  • Blue card
  • Green card (optional)
  • One fuse
  • At least 25 radiation protection

The completion of the puzzle

To complete this puzzle you must first locate the three-story metal shed in the south of the monument (it is number “1” on the picture below), in that shed there will be a switch that you will need to flip to get to the next step. Be careful though because at that metal shed there will most of the time be 1-2 scientist’s that will try to kill you, so kill them first to flip the switch safely.

After you have successfully flipped the switch then you will need to head over to the big stone tower at the north side of the monument (number 2 on the picture below), and head to the top of the tower to flip another switch. But on the way up you will need to kill another scientist that will be in the stairway.

Trainyard puzzle map

The Fuse Box

Once you have flipped both of those switches we can now head over to the main building in the middle of Trainyard (number 3). On the south side of the building you will find a staircase going up the side of the building, you want to go up that staircase and go into the first door, in that room you will find one scientist and a fuse box to put your fuse in, then flip the switch that is on the right of the fuse box and then head back outside. 

The Green Room

Keep going up stairs and the second door will be for the “green room” (where you use your “green card” to get in). Most people when they do the Trainyard puzzle don’t bother to do the green room because you don’t get a lot of loot from it. 

The Blue Room

But keep heading up the stairs until you come to the 3rd floor, that is the blue room (the place to use the blue card), swipe the card and head on in. In the blue room you can find up to nine military crates or brown boxes, but most importantly the “red card”, a very good card that you can use to do other puzzles that give a lot more and better loot.

Good luck!

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