The Pensieve Guardian is a gigantic sentry, who has been imbued with magic, and is the one looking after the final chamber in the Percival Rackham’s Trial in the Hogwarts Legacy game. This magical creature has some powerful stomps and magical attacks that you will have to watch out for because they can easily wipe you out. 

This article will work as a complete guide as to what you will need to do in order to defeat this Pensieve Guardian, while you’re doing the Percival Rackham’s Trial quest. 


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Time to CompleteRequired
+-5 minPercival Rackham’s Trial

How to Beat the Pensieve Guardian

Beat the Pensieve Guardian

In order to even begin your battle against the Pensieve Guardian you must first defeat a few smaller Pensieve Sentries as well as Sentinels, then finally towards the end of the Percival Rackham’s Trial, you’ll finally encounter a huge Pensieve Guardian, who will appear from the floor in the centre of this large circular arena. Your goal in this battle will be to try and hit the guardian with your Ancient Magic and just destroy the orb, which you will see appear as it starts to charge up when it is summoned. You will have to remember to use the correct spell for dealing damage to the orb because in order to destroy it you will need to hit it with a spell that is the same colour. If you aren’t sure what colour your spell is then just check what the background colour is within your Spell Slots and match it to that that the orb displays. For example, in the image below we see that the sphere is yellow, so you will need to hit it with a spell like Levioso. 

Ancient Magic

The best thing to use in this battle will be your Ancient Magic because if you want to deal the most amount of damage then this type of magic will definitely be your best bet as it does so the fastest. During this battle you should try to collect the small blue Ancient Magic orbs that drop onto the floor after you’ve completed a combo of at least 10 hits. You should also remember to try and take full advantage of the time that you have when the Guardian is dazed and drops onto his one knee, partly because you will get extra time to freely combo him but also because all the damage that he will take, from all sources, will me increased and he’ll drop even more Ancient Magic orbs. 

Once you get into the groove of things just keep doing this again and again, while remembering to dodge the Guardians attacks as well. In order to prevent  yourself from dying and losing this battle it is a good idea to use any of the Wiggenweld Potions that you have whenever your health gets low and then an Edurus Potion, in order to increase your character’s damage resistance if you aren’t that good at dodging the Guardians attacks. 

Final Words

So there you have a full walkthrough and guide to taking the steps to defeat the Pensieve Guardian from the Rackham’s Trial. Remember that this foe may be extremely scary in the beginning because he’ll be amongst the most powerful enemies you’ll fight, but just keep your cool and do what needs to be done. 

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