The Pensieve Guardian from the Charles Rookwood’s Trial in the Hogwarts Legacy game is a foe that you will have to face, who is very similar to the Guardian that you fought from the Percival Rackham’s Trial, but this one comes with a few more unique twists. 

This article will work as a complete guide as to what you will need to do in order to defeat this Pensieve Guardian, while you’re doing the Charles Rookwood’s Trial quest. 


Time to CompleteRequired
+-5 minCharles Rookwood’s Trial

How to Defeat the Pensieve Guardian

Just like with the previous Pensieve Guardian you will have to defeat all the smaller Pensieve Sentries and Sentinels first and then only towards the end of the Charles Rookwood’s Trial will the huge Pensieve Guardian emerge from the ground in the centre of the circular arena. The stomps that this Guardian has are very powerful and so it is in your best interest to dodge them. You should also try and hit the orbs which the Guardian summons, but remember to hit them with the same colour magic, for example if it is red then you’ll need to use a spell like Confringo or Expelliarmus and so on.

How to Defeat the Pensieve Guardian

Then when you get to the second phase of this battle, when the Guardian’s health has dropped below 50%, the Guardian will take out his flail and begin to swing that at you as well. When you see that the Guardian is swinging his flail up and down be sure to parry at the exact right time because the flail, once collided with the ground, will create shockwaves that will ripple throughout the whole arena. 

Just like when you would be fighting against other Pensieve Guardians, Ancient Magic is really the key in these battles. You should try to make sure that you are using this as often as possible, because this type of magic is able to deal a lot more damage at an even faster rate. 

Final Words

There you have the full guide to defeating the Pensieve Guardian, that you’ll encounter in the Charles Rookwood’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy. This Guardian is very similar to the one that you’ll encounter in the Rackham’s Trial but beware because this Guardian comes with a few surprises. 

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