Amazon has introduced a hub for the smart home, which appears to be a reasonably priced option for those looking for such a device. The hub is called Echo Hub and supports devices that use some of the more well-known smart home protocols, including Matter and Threads.

Echo Hub

Through the eight-inch screen, users can control all devices connected to the hub, as well as view video streams from any cameras linked to Echo Hub. Of course, it’s also possible to control the devices connected to the hub through Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa. The hub primarily relies on Wi-Fi, but there is an option to connect it via wired Ethernet using a separate USB-C dongle.

Echo Hub is intended to be wall-mounted, but an accompanying stand for the device will also be sold for those who, for example, want to place it on a table. It will be available for purchase this fall and will cost $180 in the United States. In the video clip below, you can take a closer look at Echo Hub.

Introducing Echo Hub | Amazon Alexa

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