In 2021, Oppo unveiled Air Glass, a device with a screen that could be attached to a regular pair of glasses. Now, they are releasing version two that aims to replace a regular pair of glasses. The lenses and entire build are supposed to be very small and lightweight, weighing only 38 grams. That’s not much more than a regular pair of glasses, so well done, Oppo!

Oppo Air Glass 2

The lenses are also designed to look more or less like regular lenses and can be ground to be used with prescriptions. Screens are present in both the left and right lenses and are supposed to deliver 1000 nits. On the inside, there is a Snapdragon 4100, and the battery has a capacity of 200 mAh, which should be enough for three hours of use. There is also a microphone and a speaker.

Oppo Reveals Air Glass 2 (Watch it Here)

The glasses are connected to a mobile device and can be used as a music player, for making calls, aiding in navigation, and converting speech to text, which is beneficial for those with hearing loss.

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