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HTC Releases Vive Ultimate Tracker

HTC is now releasing a new VR tracker for its Vive VR system. The new tracker is named “Vive Ultimate Tracker” and is equipped with cameras, allowing it to track the position of various body parts in VR experiences without being connected to a base station. Up to five Vive Ultimate Trackers can be used […]

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Some Audi cars get YouTube in the car

In March, we reported that Audi would start offering apps to some of their cars with MMI, their infotainment system. Now, YouTube has found its way there as an app, which means you can watch videos in the car. However, the car must be stationary, but it’s a nice feature when charging. It should also […]

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Rumor: New Model 3 to be Tesla’s biggest update yet

Tesla Model 3 is set to receive a facelift, and the project is referred to as “Project Highland.” Now, new rumors suggest that this will be Tesla’s most significant update to date. Among other things, it is said that the car will feature Steer-By-Wire, a Yoke steering wheel if desired, Matrix LED headlights regardless of […]

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Trailer: Survival of the Thickest

Survival of the Thickest centers on Mavis Beaumont (Michelle Buteau). Black, plus-size and newly single (not by her choice!), Mavis unexpectedly finds herself having to rebuild her life as a struggling stylist. She’s determined to not only survive but thrive with the support of her chosen family, a body positive attitude, and a cute v-neck […]

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Aehra presents its second electric model

Aehra is an Italian-American startup aiming to offer luxurious electric cars. We have previously seen an SUV from them, and there have been teasers about a sedan model. Now, the sedan is unveiled, and it is an elegant creation with high promises. The car is designed by former Lamborghini designer Filippo Perini, and just like […]

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DS showcases the interior of the future

DS Automobiles is now giving us a preview of how their future interiors may look. It all appears very futuristic at the moment, but some elements could actually make their way into upcoming production models. Personally, I find it quite cozy overall. What do you think?

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Canon presents the vlogging camera Powershot V10

Canon has launched its latest vlogging camera, the Powershot V10, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of vloggers. The camera features a 15-megapixel 1-inch sensor that provides 4K/30p video, two microphones for stereo sound reproduction, and a built-in tripod. The autofocus can recognize faces, and the camera can be connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi […]

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10 Educational Gadgets for Students

The modern world is full of useful devices that can make our life easier. Gadgets are especially handy for students. As known, students always lack free time. And educational devices are the things that can help to complete tasks fast and conveniently. In this article, we prepared a list of the most effective educational gadgets […]

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Is Electronic Arts Prepping The Sims 5?

Released in 2014, The Sims 4 is easily one of the most popular installments in the long running series that got its start way back in 2000. Selling millions of copies with each new release, The Sims titles are buoyed after their premiere by a steady stream of downloadable content that expands upon the core […]