HTC Vive has unveiled a new VR tracker that can be used to track a user’s, or other objects’, movements in VR experiences without any additional accessories.

VIVE Self-Tracking Tracker

Vive’s new VR tracker has not yet been named and is primarily being showcased to give VR developers an opportunity to start thinking about how the self-tracking tracker could be used in VR experiences. It should be possible to use up to five of the new trackers simultaneously. This would make it possible to track a user’s body movements in VR experiences if, for example, two were attached to a user’s elbows, two to their knees, and one at their hip, according to RoadToVR.

VIVE’s Mind-Blowing Self-Tracking Tracker!

There is no information yet on when HTC Vive plans to release its latest VR tracker. Below is a video clip where HTC Vive’s product manager, Shen Ye, talks more about the new tracker from HTC Vive.

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