BMW has received a lot of criticism for its design in recent years. And of course, they hear and, despite what one may believe, they actually listen too.

BMW's design chief promises "cleaner" design in the future

However, when the sales figures are looking good, they naturally pay more attention to those than to angry people on the internet who dislike the cars’ large grilles. Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s design chief, promises that future designs will be a bit “cleaner” and not as controversial and striking as they have been recently.

I think in the future what is going to be important is our design will be cleaner. We will design the grille according to the proportion of the overall vehicle, or according to the expression that we want to give it. We feel that in our job, we need to keep adding new elements to the design, we cannot keep repeating what we have. Sometimes we have to depart and do new things. The reason for that is we also want to have success in 10 years.

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