Professional web design has become a must if you want your business to succeed in the online world, where the competition never ends. To stand out from the crowd, you need to create a unique, attractive, and user-friendly website to keep your target audience focused. However, accomplishing the perfect end result is not possible without some essential tools. The traditional way to build your sites just won’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, we are here to ease the process and introduce you to the best tools for web design out there, so that you have everything you need to have the perfect website. Let’s dive into the top web design software.


WordPress is undoubtedly the most recognized web design tool in the world. It lets you create and customize a website with ease and is trusted by over 30% of the web, making it the most used Content Management system on Earth. There are many tools within this tool to help you out even more with the design of your webpage. You can count on WordPress SEO plug-ins or build-in themes and at least another thousand of different features to help you out with the design that you have in mind. WordPress is a combination of flexibility, ease-of-use, and power necessary to develop and launch content-based websites.

It is an absolute must-have when you think about web design.


Photoshop is another software that you probably have already heard about before. It is a highly valuable tool for the adobe suite for web designers, and most helpful when you create the looks of your site. Here, you will find an endless color and gradient options, which will allow you to release your creative juices and create something beautiful and captivating. It has many options to create and edit your templates. It also works really well with images and the creation of graphics for your webpage. Long story short, this tool is an empty canvas to bring your imagination to life. The first impression of your website lies in the hands of your designer and Photoshop.

InVision Studio

Introducing an incredible UI tool full of exciting features and applications, and many web designers recommend InVision Studio as a complete package for designing a website. With this software, you can create your’s site interfaces that are user-friendly and beautifully looking. InVision studio also has a rapid prototyping feature, which allows you to work on websites that have animated content. Prototyping enables the designers to come up with more complex and creative transitions, giving your website an edge among competition.

All you have to do here is find out how you wish the UI to appear right when the change begins, and InVision Studio will work out everything else for you.


If you want a little more individuality and want to design your website by directly coding it, Dreamweaver is the right tool. It is designed to work for both the professionals and people with limited programming knowledge. The tool is based on visual and HTML editing, which makes it easy for users to learn.

Having a coded website design means that you will most probably be putting in more effort into designing than you would with other tools, but it also allows you to create the exact look that you want with your own specifications. This is the tool if you wish to develop a responsive design.


Sketch is a web design tool that is mainly used for creating vector UI designs. Online stores and businesses usually understand how important interfaces and prototypes in hi-fidelity are, which is why Sketch is a crucial tool. If you want to keep a consistent interface or be able to design UI elements that can be reused, you will need this software at some point. Perhaps a unique feature of Sketch is that it lets you export a design into a clickable prototype. This is a piece of straightforward software that makes the management of your work with vector drawings and graphics a piece of cake.

This concludes our list of the top five most essential tools for web design. We recommend you consider getting all of them, but of course, if you choose only some, you should still be able to create a design like no other. Having a beautifully designed site is the new normal now, so make sure to follow this trend.

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