Opera is now the latest web browser to get built-in AI features. Users of the browser will now be able to ask Opera to, for example, explain information like you were five years old, or write a tweet about a website like you were Shakespeare.

Opera with AI

It should also be possible to access both ChatGPT and ChatSonic directly in the browser’s sidebar. Here’s how Opera describes these features:

Besides Opera’s innovative new AI Prompts feature, you now also have access to the web versions of ChatGPT and ChatSonic right in the sidebar. They can offer you assistance with a wide range of queries and issues. You can generate ideas, summaries, translations, itineraries. You can write code, learn music, get help on math, draft text – the list goes on and on! ChatSonic is additionally so clever that it can create images for you. Altogether, the new AIGC tools offer a portal to a more personal and intelligent web – one that provides solutions to your specific needs. Do note that in order to use the AIGC tools in the sidebar, you’ll have to create accounts with the respective services or log in with your existing account, if you already have one.

Opera introduces AI Prompts & GPT-based services in sidebar

The company says you can try out the new AI features now on Mac, Windows, and Linux Opera.

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