The pandemic situation has significantly influenced the growth of people’s dependence on smartphones around the world. Because of this, the growth rate of mobile apps popularity continues to skyrocket. Thereby, top software development companies in USA strive to develop in new directions. They introduce modern innovative technologies and take up more space on users’ mobile devices.

To achieve this, mobile software developers need to follow all tendencies. So, in this article, we’ve collected the main mobile software development trends that will make users’ life easier.

5G network

Since 2020, when 5G was released, this wireless networking is gaining momentum more. For example, Apple company has implemented the 5G in the Apple iPhone 12. It demonstrates the most anticipated trend on 5G in mobile applications development. According to Statista, 5G subscriptions will surpass 1 billion in 2022.

5G high speed may revolutionize video streaming applications, especially 4K. It’s also easy to work with augmented and virtual reality, 3D objects, and great to connect with IoT services and devices.

Corporate mobile software

The trend of corporate apps development is spreading all over the world. Nowadays, many companies are striving to introduce such software and this trend will continue to develop. Corporate apps help organizations improve internal communication, productivity, and increase employee satisfaction.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

These industries are gaining popularity among mobile devices and applications. Now, they are actively developing and have a great impact on our lives. This is a voice input and data search, unlocking the screen by face through the camera, chatbots. For example, the Nike Fit app uses the smartphone camera to scan users’ feet, collecting 13 data points, to accurately determine its size and match the right shoe.

AI development is leading to static images recognition and classification, efficient patient data processing, objects identification and tracking, content distribution in social networks, geophysical capabilities automatic detection, etc.

So, ML and AI combining will be very helpful when creating mobile software. It doesn’t matter if it develops for iOS or Android, it can identify and fix problems in real-time, and learn the process of development based on previous data.

Apps for a display that folds

This is already one of the major tendencies. The first smartphones with such display types were Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. This innovation is a new task for Mobile App Development | Qulix Systems teams. The size of the screen will change instantly depending on what actions users take. Thus, mobile apps must be modified to fit the display.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

There are many fully functional apps based on AR out there today. Especially, e-commerce, tourism, healthcare, and education areas benefit from them. Future VR and AR trends include virtual teaching simulators, destination navigators, exploration, and even live music concerts.

Applications based on geolocation

This trend is already popular and are continue to develop. The geolocation feature enables mobile applications to provide users with personalized practice. So, by collecting data about their location, such software can ensure geolocation-based services, get an idea of user behavior, and improve marketing campaigns.


These virtual payment instruments are firmly entrenched in our daily life. As economies go digital worldwide, users are moving away from cash and re-entering card numbers. Instead, they prefer paying through the built-in mobile wallet for fast transactions. Thus, the payment processing is faster and smoother by popular payment gateways integration with electronic wallets.

Such mobile wallets as Amazon, Google Pay, etc. have gained great popularity. However, now this industry isn’t yet replete enough, so its development potential is growing. Future mobile wallet development trends include built-in audio features, wireless connectivity, and RFID fees.

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