If you are a software developer, you will probably know lean is a winning trend. Applying lean principles to software development can ease the process, optimize its efficiency, and eliminate errors. You will probably end up delivering the application on time and within quality standards. But everything boils down to using the best practices for lean software development. If you fail to do it, you will not derive the benefits of the methodology. Here are the ones you must implement as a part of the development cycle.

Eliminate waste

The lean approach is all about eliminating anything that does not add value to the deliverable. Adopting it for software development requires steering clear of unnecessary code or functionality to the application. These elements can delay the delivery time and even slow down the feedback loop by complicating the process. Moreover, they can even make the software less useful and elevate the cost of development. Wastage of time and frustrations are other disadvantages of taking up redundant tasks during the cycle. If you want to maximize the benefits of lean, stick to only value-adding elements.

Deliver quickly

Fast delivery is another best practice that you must follow while developing software with the lean-approach. Even as timely delivery should be your top priority, ensure that you do not compromise the quality of the solution. You need to find a balance between the two to match client expectations and keep up your reputation. Teams often fail on this front because of a lack of communication that leads to unclear requirements. Further, over-engineering of simple things can also lead to delivery delays.

Create knowledge

Lean software development aspires to create knowledge with the final product. Developers need to work with relentless focus and discipline to align with this objective. Documenting the code is a part of the lean methodology as it enables knowledge creation and sharing with the clients. Other practices that support knowledge creation include systematic learning, knowledge sharing sessions, and code reviews. While you create knowledge with documentation, be ready to make changes down the line.

Respect the team

Typically, the software development process focuses on technology, and people in the team do not get the attention they deserve. But respecting the team is a lean development best practice you should embrace. The methodology encourages mutual respect between team members so that they can communicate proactively and effectively throughout the work cycle. It also fosters healthy conflicts that take people a step ahead towards better ideas.

Optimize the whole

Optimization is often a challenge for software development teams. Many times, developers release code that does not match quality standards, only under the pressure to deliver. It is easy to fall into a vicious circle when the client wants additional features, and you make sloppy changes in the code to add them. It can increase the defects and complexity in the codebase. With the lean methodology, you must sub-optimize with testing across stages to optimize the whole.

Following these best practices is essential if you want to achieve success with lean software development. They take you a step close to delivering flawless products on time, every time.

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