Since they came out a couple of years ago, fitness trackers have become insanely popular, with more and more people using them to keep track of their physical activities throughout the day.

Now, there are multiples types of fitness trackers, with some even coming with phone-like applications to open whenever you want to use them.

However, today we are going to talk about the real deal, about the fitness trackers you put right on your wrist almost like a watch, and use only while you’re exercising.

Why you need a fitness tracker that connects to your phone

Dedicating time to exercise and keeping in shape is great, and definitely something we should all do, but there are moments when you need to make important phone calls during that time.

Using this precious time to exercise and get some very important calls done is vital to keeping your day going, and if you’re currently looking for the best fitness tracker to make phone calls, we’ve got you covered.

#1: Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

There are few fitness trackers that can successfully function as a tracking tool and also connect directly to your phone, even when your phone isn’t actually with you at the moment, and Fitbit is one of those trackers.

You see, this little band can be connected directly to your phone in just a matter of seconds. This way, you can receive notifications and incoming phone calls even when you’re away from home and your phone!

#2: I5 Plus

I5 Plus

Imagine a tracking device that tracks your heart rate, your calories, how much you’ve walked and how you’re doing with your current workout, but also lets you receive both phone calls and texts.

Well, imagine no more because with the I5 Plus, this is actually a reality. This small but powerful wristband can not only receive phone calls on the go while your phone isn’t present, but you can also get (and send!) short texts while you’re on your morning run.

#3: The new Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ Model

Believe it or not, the new Apple Watch is designed to be your best fitness buddy. As a matter of fact, Apple designed some pretty cool features to keep track of things like your regular heart rate, calories and such, being able to even detect when there’s an anomaly in your health.

Of course, the Apple Watch can be directly connected to your iPhone, and works perfectly for receiving and making phone calls, even when your phone is nowhere to be seen.

Those are our choices for the best long lasting fitness tracker to make phone calls. They are all great, easy to use and offer some amazing benefits. Whichever you end up choosing is completely up to you!

For those who have an Apple Watch, this is super important. Know how to make an emergency call, and set med data so that emergency personnel could see emergency medical info if it’s on your watch and (god forbid) you’re not awake to give it to them!

— Jake N’ Bake (@jakery_bakery) October 19, 2018

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