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Stratton Acoustics Elypsis 1512

The brand new speakers from Stratton Acoustics in England look like copies of the huge monitor speakers from JBL, Altec, and Tannoy of the 70s, and are built with many of the same criteria that applied at that time. The designers at Stratton Acoustics describe the speakers as a product of a desire to create […]

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ChatGPT now available on MS-DOS

Since OpenAI opened up an API for its popular AI ChatGPT, we have seen it implemented here and there. Developer Yeo Kheng Meng seems to have a penchant for DOS and has developed a ChatGPT client for the operating system that laid the foundation for Microsoft to become one of the world’s largest IT companies. […]

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There’s an iCar on the way

Believe it or not, but the iCar name is owned by the Chinese automaker Chery Automotive since 2021. Now, they’re showing off a bunch of sketches of their upcoming electric sports car iCar GT. It’s a two-door coupe that feels a bit Polestar design-wise. The car will be shown as a concept at the Shanghai […]

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Epic showcases MetaHuman Animator

Unreal’s MetaHuman now has the new Animator feature, which allows game developers to transfer an actor’s expression to a 3D model with just an iPhone, in just a few minutes. In the clip above, we can see how it works, and as we can see, it all goes very smoothly. It has long been possible […]

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A first look at Aliens: Dark Descent

Here’s a first look at some gameplay from Aliens: Dark Descent, an upcoming game from Tindalos Interactive set in the Aliens universe. The game’s plot revolves around a group of marines whose ship has crashed on the planet Lethe and encounter some Xenomorphs that they must fight. Yesterday it was also revealed that Aliens: Dark […]

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8BitDo controllers now support Apple devices

8BitDo, the company that has made a name for itself in the controller industry, has now added support for several of Apple’s operating systems for its controllers. Currently, the 8BitDo Lite SE, Pro, Pro 2, SN30 Pro+, SN30 Pro for Android, and Ultimate Controller 2.4g controllers will be compatible when playing games on iPhones, iPads, […]

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Kia unveils the EV5 concept

Barely has the EV9 model had time to cool down after becoming official last week, before Kia unveils another one. This is the EV5, which is a smaller sibling to the EV9 with only four seats instead of seven. The car is still a concept, but according to Kia, it will be shown in production […]

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Top Tech Gadgets for Off-Grid Holidays

You want to go there. It’s remote, it’s beautiful, but… you want to stay connected. You also want all the convenience you get from reliable electrical supply. Tech detox can be a painful process. If you want nature’s wonders without having to give up your gadgets, or you’d like to have the tech gadgets every […]