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Call of Duty becomes a board game

Game developer Activision announced yesterday that their popular game Call of Duty will soon be available in a board game version. The game will be called Call of Duty: The Board Game, and Activision has enlisted the help of game companies Arcane Wonders, Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution to develop it. There is currently no information […]

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Google merges its AI divisions

Google’s strong focus on artificial intelligence has led to some restructuring of the company, Alphabet’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced yesterday. Google will now merge DeepMind, the British AI company it acquired in 2014, with Google Brain, the division that has been working on AI within Google’s research division. The new company will be called “Google […]

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Google’s Now Playing feature gets statistics

Google appears to be expanding its “Now Playing” feature on Pixel phones with a new “Summary” tab that compiles the songs you’ve heard. The feature listens to ambient sounds and matches them with a song database stored locally on your device to identify the music. “Now Playing” has previously shown a history of identified songs […]

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Withings releases the Body Smart scale

Withings already launched the world’s first connected smart scale in 2009. Since then, the product has been updated several times and today the company sells scales such as Body Comp and Body Scan, which are now joined by the new Body Smart scale. The new scale, which becomes the company’s new entry-level model, supports up […]

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New BMW M2 on the dyno

Some manufacturers overstate their numbers, while others understate them. BMW belongs to the latter, which has been shown in several dyno tests in recent years. The engines simply provide more power than what is written on paper, and that can be a bit nice. Now it turns out that the same is true for the […]

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Rumor: SEGA reportedly wants to buy Rovio

The Wall Street Journal reports a rumor that SEGA is interested in buying the Finnish Angry Birds developer Rovio. The price for this purchase is said to be a respectable one billion dollars and according to the newspaper, this deal will be officially announced at the beginning of next week. It’s surprising to think that […]

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Razer releases new control panel for streamers

Razer has released a new control panel for streamers and others who want to quickly switch between apps and access functions for their equipment. The new version is called the “Stream Controller X” and has slightly less functionality than the “Stream Controller” that Razer released last year. With the “Stream Controller X,” users can connect […]

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Twitter launches stock and crypto trading

Twitter has entered into a partnership with Israeli financial company eToro, which will enable Twitter users to trade stocks and various cryptocurrencies directly via Twitter. The new partnership means that Twitter users will be able to receive financial information about companies and cryptocurrencies via so-called “$Cashtags” in the Twitter feed. When a user clicks on […]

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Jonny has driven the Morris bus

Things that move items for companies and individuals can be a bit more fun. And run on electricity. So maybe the Morris JE Van is the perfect thing to move packages and things with? That remains to be seen, but Jonny Smith has in any case visited Morris and taken a closer look at their […]

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A trailer for Neo Berlin 2087

Neo Berlin 2087 is an upcoming game from Elysium Game Studio that is in development for PlayStation 5 and Windows. The game combines third- and first-person shooting with a detective thriller storyline. The game is set in Berlin, in the year 2087. Technological advancements and cyberization have divided society into a two class system, where […]