Over the past weekend, Patek Philippe opened the Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Patek Philippe

During the exhibition, the brand introduced six new models in limited editions. At the same time, a new collection of table clocks and pocket watches inspired by Japanese culture was presented.

According to Robb Report, the new models are expected to be highly sought after, but if you are not in Japan, it may take some time before they appear on the secondary market.

Surprisingly, some of the models are unusually colorful for the prestigious Swiss luxury brand.

A new model in salmon pink

Patek Philippe Ref. 5308P-010
Ref. 5308P-010 is considered the highlight of the exhibition, according to Robb Report. (Photo: Patek Philippe).

Quadruple Complication Ref. 5308P-010 Limited Edition Tokyo features an entirely new movement, the caliber R CHR 27 PS QI, with two patented innovations that reduce the watch’s energy consumption.

The dial comes in a salmon pink color, which is currently highly sought after among collectors and is typically used for special editions.

The case and bracelet are made of platinum, and the edition is limited to fifteen watches.

Unexpected pastels for Patek Philippe.

Unexpected pastels for Patek Philippe
Pastels and vibrant colors are not common for Patek Philippe. (Photo: Patek Philippe).

Two new Calatrava models, Ref. 6127G-010 and Ref. 7127G-010, were launched in Tokyo in standout colors – the dials in baby blue and purple are matched with leather straps in the same colors.

Japan is known to be an ultra-conservative country, but it also possesses a great sense of creativity and style, which these two models successfully convey.

Each model is limited to 400 pieces, with the first 300 of each being sold together as a pair.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship

Patek Philippes ”World Timers”
This special edition is a rare work of art that also features a map of Tokyo (Photo: Patek Philippe).

Patek Philippe’s “World Timers” are always highly sought after, but this special edition in 18k rose gold is an exceptional variant.

The grand feu enameled dial of Ref. 5531R-014 is a rare craftsmanship and displays a map of downtown Tokyo, the historic Chuo district.

A timepiece worthy of emperors and aristocrats

Ref. 5330G-010 in plum purple
Ref. 5330G-010 in plum purple is worthy of an emperor (Photo: Patek Philippe).

Patek Philippe continues the color explosion with the World Time Ref. 5330G-010 featuring a dial in plum purple. A fitting color for the exclusive brand as the color purple in Japan is typically associated with the country’s emperor and aristocrats.

The movement, caliber 240 HU C, has a world-first feature where the date hand is synchronized with local time.

The name “Tokyo” is displayed in red and is replaced by a rising red sun, Japan’s national symbol, on the day/night indicator.

A jewel for the wrist

The ladies' watch Ref. 7121/200G-010
The bezel of Ref. 7121/200G-010 is adorned with a total of 132 diamonds (Photo: Patek Philippe).

The ladies’ watch Ref. 7121/200G-010 features an elegant mother-of-pearl dial and a bezel adorned with diamonds.

A total of 132 brilliant-cut stones, with a total weight of 1.09 carats, embellish the watch and make it a sparkling jewel.

This moon phase watch is so precise that it deviates from the lunar cycle by only one day in 122 years.

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