It seems that we will finally see Google’s first foldable phone during Google I/O on May 10, at least according to CNBC, which claims to have obtained internal marketing material showing that Google will launch the phone during the conference. The launch is then expected to take place the following month in June.

Pixel Fold

We can expect a phone with a 5.8-inch screen that opens like a book to a 7.6-inch screen. The phone is said to be powered by the company’s latest Tensor G2 chip and will cost around $1,700. It will also have a larger battery than competitor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which will last for 24 hours under normal use or 72 hours in power-saving mode. It will weigh 283 grams, which is 20 grams more than the Z Fold 4.

We should also expect to see the Pixel 7A phone and more about Android 14 during Google I/O, which starts on May 10.

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