When you’ve just jumped into the Hogwarts Legacy game you may feel that the combat is very one-dimensional and that you find yourself doing the same few spells over and over again, but that is where Talents are your best option.

Talents are in this game to help you make your own unique build for your character. This means that you’ll be able to form different playstyles for different enemies that you may have to face in this game. This article will work as a guide for those looking to better understand the Talents in this game and which ones you should prioritise, especially in the beginning of the game. 

Top 10 Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Top 10 Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

The first thing that you will have to do before you can even access a single Talent in this game is complete the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest. Then once you’ve done this you will also have to make sure that your character is above Level 5, so that you are able to start receiving talent points. 

Since the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest is pretty early on in the game you will most probably be at a higher level than what the required level is for this quest. The good thing about this is that you won’t miss any talent points if you are above level 5, the game will actually automatically fill in all of the points that you’ve accumulated before you had unlocked the Talent system. So for example, if you had only done this quest and unlocked the Talent system when you were Level 10, then you would receive 5 Talent Points. 

One important thing to remember is that you have to use your points wisely as you won’t have unlimited points, since the maximum level is Level 40 you will only get 35 Talent Points per character. Sadly, there are a total of 48 abilities to unlock in this game so it will be impossible for one character to get every Talent that this game has to offer. Another thing that players should beware of is that once you have chosen a Talent you won’t be able to change your mind and choose a different one, so make sure you are sure about the Talent you are taking. 

In Hogwarts Legacy you’ll have 5 different Talent Trees, and within each one of these trees you’ll have a three tier system: one which you get at Level 5, then Level 16 and then finally Level 22. In the table below you will find what the best talents are for each of the trees as well as an explanation on them.

Talent TreeTalents and Abilities
Spell TreeConfringo Mastery and Glacius Mastery
Dark Arts TreeKnockback Curse, Curse Sapper, Avada Kedavra mastery
Core TreeAll Level 5 Talents, All Level 16 Talents, Stupefy Expertise
Stealth TreeHuman Demiguise
Room of Requirement TreeMaxima Potion Potency

Spells Tree Talents

Spells Tree Talents

Confringo Mastery, Level 5

One of the best spells that you can use in Hogwarts Legacy is the Confringo spell, which is awesome because you’ll be able to unlock this spell relatively early on in the game. Even though most players will swap this spell out for Bombarda later on in the game, the Confringo Mastery will definitely carry you offensively through a huge part of the beginning of the game, especially in the main story. 

The fire bolts that this spell produces doesn’t just break red shields of opponents but they’ll also seek up to three foes that are nearby and deal damage to them as well. 

Glacius Mastery, Level 16

In order to unlock the Glacius Spell you’ll need to have completed Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1. This spell is one that you should definitely replace Levioso with because this spell should easily be your best Control Spell option. 

What the Glacius Spell does is freeze enemies for a couple of seconds, which as a result means that you’ll be able to deal a lot more damage to them with follow-up attacks. The base elements of this spell are already so useful, then when you pair it with the additional shards damage and knockback dealt to nearby enemies, which you’ll get with the Glacius Mastery, it makes this one of the best Talents in the game. 

Best Dark Arts Tree Talents

Best Dark Arts Tree Talents

Knockback Curse, Level 5

The best replacement that you can have in Hogwarts Legacy for Accio is Flipendo, since it is one of the best Force Spells that you can use during combat. So if you are starting battles using your Flipendo spell then the best curse you can pair it with is the Knockback Curse as it adds an offensive element to your utility-based spell. 

Curse Sapper, Level 22

If you are a player in Hogwarts Legacy that is going for a Dark Wizard build then one of the best Talents to go for is the Curse Sapper as it is the only Talent which allows you to life-steal. 

Even though you can do pretty well by just unlocking all 14 Talents within the Dark Arts Tree, you will definitely find that just unlocking a few and combining them with the Curse Sapper will increase your damage output a lot more and will give you the ability to take a lot more oncoming attacks from enemies. 

Avada Kedavra Mastery, level 22

The Avada Kedavra curse is arguably the most potent and feared curse of the three Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy, this curse is so powerful that it is able to defeat any enemy in this game with a single hit. 

The biggest downside that his curse has is that it has an extremely long cooldown, but then when you unlock the Avada Kedavra Mastery you’ll be able to make use of the cursed effect planted by other spells and use Avada Kedavra to not only kill one enemy but all of them that are curse-inflicted. 

Best Core Tree Talents

Best Core Tree Talents

All Level 5 Talents

The Core Tree is arguably the most useful Talent Tree that is available in Hogwarts Legacy. Just the Level 5 Talents that are available give this argument a really solid foundation as you get to unlock two more Spell Sets though Spell Knowledge 1 and 2, and Swift which is a really massive upgrade over the standard roll dodge. 

Apart from these three spells you’ll also get the Basic Cast Mastery and Protego Absorption. These two spells are indispensable since the basic attacks that you have and Protego are essentials in every battle you’ll have. 

All Level 16 Talents

If you thought the Level 5 Talents were good then you are in for a treat with the Level 16 Talents as from Spell Knowledge 3 ro Revelio Mastery, all of these Talents in the Core Tree are just as amazing, if not even better, than those in Level 5. 

When it comes to the overall usefulness of Talents it is hard to beat those in the Level 16 Core Tree as they not only increase the efficiency of your combat but they also take your exploration experience to a whole new level. 

Stupefy Expertise, Level 22

When it comes to defence in Hogwarts Legacy, the two Talents that stand out the most are Protego and Stupefy. Protego is great but sometimes hard to use because a lot of Protego’s Talents need you to hit Perfect protegos over and over but Stupefy’s upgrades come automatically. 

Having Stupefy as a counter spell is already amazing enough, then to deal even more damage through the use of Stupefy Expertise it just makes this Talent one of the best ones to have in the game. 

Best Stealth Tree Talents

Best Stealth Tree Talents

Human Demiguise, Level 5

If you are trying to go for a Stealth Wizard build with your Hogwarts Legacy character then the Senses of Secrecy 1 and 2 don’t need any explanation to you. Then on the other hand you should definitely try and prioritise unlocking the Human Demiguise, even for players who don’t intend on going for a stealthy approach to your battles. 

Human demiguise is a talent that allows you to run whilst you’re using your Disillusionment spell. This means that not only combat but exploration in restricted areas will also be made a lot more effortless. 

Best Room of Requirement Tree Talents

Best Room of Requirement Tree Talents

Maxima Potion Potency, Level 16

For those players that prefer to fight enemies using the things they create in their hideout, the Room of Requirement Tree is the one for you. Players that spend a lot of their game time brewing potions and growing plants in their Room of Requirement will want to unlock the Talents found underneath this tree. 

However if you are also someone who is looking to dealing as much damage as they can during battle, don’t click away from this tree just yet because you will definitely want to spend at least one of your Talent Points on unlocking the Maxima Potion Potency

What the Maxima Potion does is actually increase the damage your spells deal, while you are in combat, for 20 seconds. Then with the Maxima Potion Potency activated, all of your basic attacks will be able to break any enemies shield no matter what colour it is. This means that you’ll be able to take away any of your non-utility spells and instead have a Spell Set purely focused on offensive play. 

Final Words

So, in conclusion you will need to find out what type of character you want to be in the Hogwarts Legacy game because you won’t be able to unlock all of the Talents, so instead try to cater more towards your playing style. 

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