With top-notch ratings from esteemed platforms such as Steam (10/10), IGN (10/10), OpenCritic (92/100), and Metacritic (93%), the Resident Evil 4 Remake released in March 2023 has certainly made waves in the gaming community.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

As someone who played the original RE4 when it was first released in 2005, my expectations were sky-high. I was eager to see how the beloved game had been updated for modern consoles like the PS5.

The remake exceeded my expectations, offering familiar and remixed areas as well as completely new ones within the same iconic locations. The revamped storyline provides deeper insight into characters that fans have long been curious about. 

Memorable sections like the lake, castle, and island have been reimagined and improved, making the game an absolute must-play. Here’s my review of the enthralling experience that is the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 – Launch Trailer

Graphics and Visuals (10/10)

The Resident Evil 4 Remake stunned me with its breathtaking visual upgrades, transforming the game with stunning textures, lighting, and character models that breathe new life into this classic. The addition of ray tracing technology further immerses players by enhancing the lighting and shadows to achieve remarkable realism.

The FidelityFX Super-resolution 2 feature stood out, allowing players to increase the game’s resolution without sacrificing performance. With the balanced setting, I enjoyed crisp visuals and seamless gameplay.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

As for system requirements, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is pleasantly accessible. Even older graphics cards, such as the RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti, along with less powerful processors, can run the game at 45fps at 1080p. I also tested it on a Steam Deck, where it reached around 40fps on low settings.

Though modders have tried to improve the game’s graphics, the official remake surpasses their efforts with its polished and captivating visuals. I was particularly amazed by the lightning effects and graphics on the PS5, where the game runs as smooth as butter. 

difference between resolution and performance modes is hardly noticeable

The difference between resolution and performance modes is hardly noticeable. The animations are fantastic, and while the remake leans more towards action fantasy than survival horror, it offers a refreshing contrast to the intensely creepy Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Gameplay (9/10)

During my time playing the Resident Evil 4 Remake, I found the gameplay to be a perfect blend of the original’s essence and modern gaming elements. The full campaign mode kept me immersed, with exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat being expertly woven together.

Navigating diverse environments like villages, castles, and underground facilities, I faced challenging puzzles and intense combat encounters. The game also offers collectibles and unlockable content, such as treasures, files, infinite ammo, and new costumes, which provide added depth and replay value.


The side quests in this remake were particularly enjoyable, earning a solid 10/10 from me. The return of the beloved merchant character added a new dimension to the gameplay, as I found myself completing side missions and hunting to earn money and upgrades. The enemies were more aggressive and powerful than in the original, but Leon’s new defensive options, such as dodging and parrying, helped balance the challenge.

The story, characters, and world-building also saw significant improvements, with engaging notes and lore that fleshed out the game’s universe. The new weapons, challenges, side quests, improved puzzles, and darker approach, all while retaining the original’s charm, made for a captivating experience.

engaging notes and lore

However, there were a few drawbacks, such as Ada’s voice acting and some content cuts, including incendiary grenades, the PRL gun, Separate Ways, and a major boss fight. Despite these minor issues, the Resident Evil 4 Remake is a remarkable game that I would gladly rate highly. The thrilling gameplay, diverse environments, and engaging side quests make it a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Storyline (10/10)

I dove into the Resident Evil 4 Remake with great anticipation, and I was thrilled to find that the storyline had been reimagined while still maintaining the essence of the original game. Characters and plot points remain familiar, but the pacing has been refined, offering a more engaging experience. The elimination of loading screens and other dated elements has significantly improved the game’s flow.

This Remake doesn’t just stop at visual enhancements—it breathes new life into the story by introducing updated gameplay mechanics and modern elements, making it a must-play for both newcomers and longtime fans of the franchise.


The protagonist, Leon Scott Kennedy, returns as a former police officer sent to rescue the President’s daughter, Ashley Graham, in a rural Spanish village. Along the way, he faces a horde of enemies, including mind-controlled villagers and a cult led by the main antagonist, Osmund Saddler

Notably, supporting characters like Luis and Ashley have been given more depth and play a more significant role in the story. The developers had taken the time to give them more depth and substance, enhancing character development.

In the remake, Luis’ backstory with Saddler is explored more thoroughly, and he has increased screen time during which he joins Leon in battle. This contrasts with the original game, where Luis remained a more mysterious figure who would disappear frequently. This added depth to Luis’ character made him more engaging and relatable.

Ashley, too, has been significantly improved in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Her interactions with the player are endearing, and her character development makes her genuinely likable. The developers also made Ashley more useful during gameplay, as she now contributes to progressing the story. This is a refreshing change from the original game, where Ashley was often perceived as an annoying obstacle to players.

boss battles have been thoughtfully revamped

The boss battles have been thoughtfully revamped, with some repetitive encounters removed and iconic fights like Del Lago, El Gigante, and Verdugo kept intact. These classic battles have been modernized, providing a fresh challenge for players to overcome.

El Gigante’s new armor made it an even more formidable foe, and the terrifying Garrador never failed to startle me. A new counter-move with the knife added a fresh gameplay element, allowing for more tactical combat against enemies like Chainsaw Man, Ganados, Cultists, and Jack Krauser. 

Some enemy designs have been changed, like the new Minotaur and Boar enemies replacing the Gatling Man. Despite my personal disappointment with these new foes, the upgraded Ganados and Chainsaw Man kept the adrenaline pumping.

game's narrative

I noticed some changes to the game’s narrative and gameplay. For instance, the iconic scenes of Leon outrunning a boulder and the truck chase sequence were absent. The story also saw alterations, like Luis being killed by Krauser instead of Saddler, and Leon and Krauser’s master-student relationship receiving more emphasis. 

The plot underwent further alterations, with Jack Krauser’s backstory involving the “Plan Javier” mission and his quest for power. After defeating Krauser, players can now obtain his knife. Additionally, the fearsome U3 boss was excluded from the remake. The narrative changes surrounding Ramón Salazar and the Verdugos were also intriguing, as the game depicted Salazar transforming into a monster without merging with another Verdugo.

Sound and Music (8/10)

The sound and music truly stood out, contributing to the game’s suspenseful atmosphere. Capcom has excelled in the sound design department, with a chilling soundtrack and eerie sound effects that work together to create a sense of dread and tension.

The sound and music amplifies the fear factor, making every encounter with the game’s intelligent and ferocious enemies nerve-racking. As a player, I found myself constantly weighing the decision to either confront these adversaries or make a hasty retreat.

The game’s sound design is particularly impressive, with every creak and groan adding to the feeling of dread and tension. This attention to detail, combined with the well-crafted music, elevates the horror elements and complements the game’s action sequences, resulting in a well-rounded and varied gaming experience.

voice acting

As for the voice acting, I found it to be excellent overall. Lily Gao, the voice actress for Ada Wong, was a standout with her sultry and captivating performance. Though the dialogue had some shortcomings and changes, like Leon’s famous line being altered, the character designs of Ashley, Ada, Luis, Jack, Mendes, and Garrador were incredibly well-done and visually appealing.

Controls (8/10)

The Resident Evil 4 Remake offers a wide range of platform availability, including PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. One aspect I appreciated was the unique default control settings tailored for each platform, allowing for an optimized gaming experience.

In the trial version of the game, players can choose from six different button settings, catering to their individual preferences. The game has three primary control types: A-1, B-1, and C-1. Type A-1 is designed specifically for Resident Evil 4, while B-1 is suited for those familiar with the series, and C-1 is for players who prefer the controls from the original 2005 release.


Control Type A-1 is optimized for the Resident Evil 4 Remake, while B-1 is tailored to those familiar with the series. C-1 is designed for players who prefer the original 2005 game’s controls. A-2 offers an alternative, swapping the “Crouch” and “Command Partner” buttons, making it easier to dodge certain attacks and maintain camera control.

further customization

In addition to these control types, the game allows for further customization, such as adjusting camera acceleration, toggling button mashing on or off, and reassigning the quick turn button. For an enhanced gaming experience, I found it helpful to disable aim acceleration and fine-tune the turn speed and deceleration.

Overall Experience (45/50)

Having played the Resident Evil 4 Remake extensively, I can confidently say it’s an outstanding game that shines in various aspects. I give it an impressive 45 out of 50 rating, considering its graphics, gameplay, storyline, sound, and controls. The visuals are striking, with updated textures, lighting, and character models. The gameplay captivates players with its mix of exploration, puzzles, and combat. The storyline stays loyal to the original. Controls feel responsive and user-friendly. In all, it’s a masterful remake of a classic.

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