A lot of people who have purchased the new Hogwarts Legacy game have purchased it for all the magical creatures that you’re able to find in this game and by only having four available species slots in your Vivarium this can definitely get very frustrating pretty quickly for the majority of players.

Upgrade the Vivarium

Luckily for these players, there is a solution to this problem as you are able to upgrade the Vivarium and as a result actually increase the number of available spaces you can have. Then by increasing the available spaces you’ll also be able to rescue, store as well as breed even more of the amazing creatures that this game has to offer to you. 

This article will work as a guide for those looking for more information and a breakdown on how to unlock specific Vivarium upgrades. 

How to Upgrade the Vivarium

In order to even unlock the Vivarium in the first place you’ll have to have completed The Elf, The Nab-Sack and the Loom quests from Deek, who is unlocked by finishing The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament as well as The Helm of Urtkot. 

As soon as you unlock the initial Vivarium you’ll notice that it is only able to contain four distinct species at one time, which is a problem because there are 13 Beasts that you are able to find as well as rescue in the game. These beasts include the Hippogriffs, Thestrals as well as the Phoenix. 

Once you’ve unlocked the initial Vivarium you’ll be able to get three more Vivarium upgrades, which you can add to the Room of Requirement, and each one of these upgrades will add another four species slots so as a result you’ll be able to hold 16 instead of a measly 4. Here are the following upgrades you can add:

  • Coastal Vivarium
  • Swamp Vivarium
  • Grassland Vivarium

Although you will only be able to hold 16 species of beasts you will be able to keep 12 active beasts in each one of your Vivariums, which means that you’ll be able to contain a total of 48 creatures at once. 

Coastal Vivarium Upgrade

Coastal Vivarium Upgrade

In order to automatically unlock the first Vivarium upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy, after you’ve unlocked the initial Vivarium, you’ll need to have collected ten beasts as well as started The Plight of the House-Elf side quest. By this point you should already have completed The High Keep main quest, because if you have then you’ve probably already been pretty busy collecting many beasts already so that by the time Deek’s questline is available you’ll have quite the inventory. 

Swamp Vivarium Upgrade

Swamp Vivarium Upgrade

In order for you to get the Swamp Vivarium upgrade in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll have to complete The Plight of the House-Elf and the Fire and Vice main quest first. Once you’ve completed these quests you’ll get an Owl Post from a professor at the school, Professor Weasley. This post informs you of Deek, who will be able to teach you how to breed beasts, which will then unlock a new side quest, the Foal of Dead. 

The action of both rescuing as well as breeding beasts go hand-in-hand, because both of them allow you to keep the younger beasts away from the poachers in the Wizarding World. From this point in your gaming journey you’ll need to rescue both a male and a female Thestral and then make a purchase of a Breeding Pen Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls, which you will be able to find in Hogsmeade. 

Once you’ve done this you’ll then get a quest marker which will lead you to the eastern section of the North Ford Bog, which is located in the northernmost region in the Hogwarts Legacy games world. This is where you will be able to find the two Thestrals, which you need for your quest. 

Once you’ve been able to successfully collect two Thestrals, as well as the necessary spellcraft, you’ll need to return to Deek and the Room of Requirement will create the Swamp Vivarium for you. 

Grassland Vivarium Upgrade

Grassland Vivarium Upgrade

After you’ve bred your two Thestrals with each other and waited for their offspring to be born you’ll need to head to Deek again and speak with him. During this conversation with Deek he’ll tell you a story about the Phoenix, which is the rarest beast in the Hogwarts Legacy game. In order to unlock the Grassland Vivarium in this game you’ll need to first complete a side quest by the name of Phoenix Rising and take the Phoenix back to the Room of Requirement with you. 

Once you’ve been able to successfully complete this quest and get the Phoenix you’ll unlock the third and final Vivarium Upgrade and it’ll automatically add your newly acquired Phoenix to the Grassland vivarium for you. 

Final Words

These three upgrades are definitely recommended for every single person that plays Hogwarts Legacy because if you do you’ve probably noticed all the amazing beasts and creatures that this game has to offer and with only one Vivarium you just won’t be able to make the most of your creature collection. 

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